Friday, November 26, 2021



 Dear Lord, 
 Give me today the faith to move forward; 
 Give me greatness of spirit to forgive; 
 Give me patience to understand and wait; 
 Give me the will not to fall; 
 Give me strength to get up if I have fallen; 
 Give me love to give; 
 Give me what I need and not what I want; 
 Give me wisdom, prudence and courage to say what I should say and convince those I should help; 
 Make me be the best example for my children; 
 Make me the best friend of my friends; 
 Make me strong to receive the blows of life; 
 Let me know what You want from me; 
 Leave me Your peace so that I share it with those who do not have it; 
 Help me to stay away from false shepherds and always defend the faith that You have taught and that the Church has guarded for two thousand years; 
 Finally, help me never to leave You and assist me at the time of death, to die in sanctifying Grace, remaining faithful until the end of my life, and to be able to say as my last words: Long live Christ the King!

Monday, November 22, 2021


It is incredible how even five seconds of a pornographic image can stay in the mind for a lifetime, and many years of Christian formation can be forgotten in a matter of a just moment when we choose to sin. Pornography torments the soul, destroys it and leads it to perdition. It takes away the person’s will, because it leads them to a difficult addiction that enslaves them.

 Unfortunately, someone who is used to watching pornography looks for in a woman what he has seen and reduces her to a simple object that serves for sexual pleasure, since this is what pornography presents, that is, a woman being used as a mere object created for satisfying carnal urges.

  Little by little, the consumer of pornography loses his capacity to love, because every vice leads us away from God who is the one who instills true love in us. The person stops thinking that women should be conquered with affection and respect, because they are human beings who love and want to be loved, instead he thinks that he has to win them to take them to bed and satisfy his own pleasure. The consumer of pornography will not be able to love because true love is sacrifice and self-giving, when spouses come together in the conjugal act, they make a sacrifice of love, they seek to give themselves to each other, and not only to satisfy themselves. It is in this sacred giving that God makes himself present and that He can be glorified.

  Now, if I am a consumer of pornography and I still want to know what it is to love and be loved, can I still do it?

  As long as you continue to watching pornography, you will never be able to experience this because every time you get further away from God, but if you sincerely repent of having offended God so much and you flee from the occasion of sin (that is, if it is necessary, to get rid of your computer, cell phone, television, magazines, records, staying away from certain "friends" or family, etc. for the love of God), seek the life of grace, go to Confession frequently, frequently attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, pray the holy rosary, practice daily mortification and read the life of the saints trying to imitate them, trying with all your heart to detest sin, with these practices you surely can love and be loved, but as with all vice, the virtue of perseverance is necessary, not to give up, nor to believe that as you haven’t fallen into sin for months or years you will never fall into it again, because the reality is that it is a LIFELONG struggle, but one that is worth everything.