Sunday, October 29, 2017

Luther Lost His Faith Because of His Heresies

Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches:

“A heretic who disbelieves even one article of faith does not have faith, either formed or unformed. The reason of this is that the species of every habit depends on the formal aspect of the object, without which the species of the habit cannot remain. Now the formal object of faith is the First Truth, as manifested in Sacred Scripture and the teaching of the Church. Consequently, whoever does not adhere, as to an infallible and Divine rule, to the teaching of the Church, which proceeds from the First Truth manifested in Sacred Scripture, has not the habit of faith, but holds the other articles of faith by a mode other than faith. Like someone who holds in his mind a conclusion without knowing how that conclusion is demonstrated; it is evident that he does not have scientific knowledge, but merely an opinion about it.

"So likewise, it is evident that he who adheres to the teachings of the Church, as to an infallible rule, assents to whatever the Church teaches; otherwise, if, of the things taught by the Church, he holds what he chooses to hold, and rejects what he chooses to reject, he no longer adheres to the teachings of the Church as to an infallible rule, but to his own will. Hence it is evident that a heretic who obstinately disbelieves even one article of faith, is not prepared to follow the teaching of the Church in all things (but if he is not obstinate, he is not a heretic but only erring). Therefore, it is clear that such a heretic with regard to one article has no faith in the other articles, but only a kind of opinion in accordance with his own will."

Thursday, October 19, 2017

October 13, 2017: Prodigy of the Sun During the Reconsecration of Nigeria to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • On the website of the episcopate of that country, it is assured that it happened in the presence of all the bishops who made the consecration.
  • Watch videos below.
  • The Consecration of Russia is also urgent, in the terms demanded by Our Lady.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

While Ecuador Protests Against Gender Ideology, in Paraguay a Priest Destroys It in Two Minutes

On October 14, hundreds of thousands of Ecuadorians congregated in several streets of Quito, the nation´s capital, in a demonstration in which they demanded the right of the parents to educate their children in the natural values. There were massive concentrations in the major cities of that country.


What consequences can the introduction of Gender Ideology have in education? In Paraguay not only did they ask this, but they even debated about it in the Bicameral Hall of the Legislative Palace. But now, thanks to Father Miguel Martinez, everyone knows the answer.

Father Martinez had two minutes to intervene and explain his point of view. It was direct, clear and forceful:

"Good Morning. Please do not pay attention to the cassock, I will not talk to you about the Bible and the Catechism; but about common sense for people who think with common sense.

The evil of Gender Ideology in educational programs lies in the fact that our children would grow up believing that we can separate thoughts from reality. Before, it was reality that told us what was true and what was not. But Gender Ideology transfers this authority from reality to the State, to politicians in turn to ideologized NGOs, or simply to the whims and emotional disorders of everyone. Self-perception either submits to the biological data of reality or becomes arbitrary, tyrannical, sentimental and stupid.

In the last 5 years, in Scotland and England, there has been an increase in the number of children requesting treatment of gender change by 500 and 1000 per cent, respectively, because of educational programs. This happens because a child, obviously, does not possess all the psychological development that he or she needs, and therefore, their self-perception may be fragile. Who does not know a child who thinks he is Superman, Naruto or a Ninja Turtle? But it does not occur to anyone to think that a superhero would be trapped in the body of that child, except to Gender Perspective.

That is the argument that is proposed in each book denounced here. The child thinks as a child until an adult teaches him to think by connecting things with reality, and only then can they mature and become adults.

That a woman may not be woman and a man may not be a man, is a contradiction that can only nest in the mind of a Paraguayan when it is torn from its culture through the social re-engineering of the single speech. (Which the press is already doing).

That is why every honest man has to demand that the Paraguayan State listen to its people and reject categorically any law, treaty, agreement or educational program that promotes this anti-scientific, unnatural and, therefore, immoral Gender Perspective.

Thank you very much.”


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Representation of the Miracle Occurred 100 Years Ago in Fatima Before Thousands of Witnesses

On 13 October 1917, Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the three shepherds for the last time, and 70,000 people witnessed in Cova da Iria the "dance of the sun":

"At one o'clock in the afternoon, solar noon, the rain ceased, the pearly gray sky illuminated the vast arid region with a strange light.

The sun was covered by a transparent gauze veil that made it easy to stare at it.

The gray shade turned into a silver foil that broke when the clouds opened.

And the silver sun, wrapped in the same veil of gray light, was seen rotating and moving in the circle of open clouds.

A groan was heard from every mouth and people fell to their knees on the muddy ground.

The light turned into a beautiful blue, as if it went through a stained glass window of a cathedral.

And it spread his beams over the people who were on their knees with outstretched arms.

The blue disappeared slowly, and then the light seemed to pierce a yellow glass.

The yellow light tinged the white handkerchiefs and the dark skirts of the women.

The same thing happened in the trees, the stones and in the mountains. People wept and prayed with their heads uncovered in the presence of the miracle they had hoped for. The seconds seemed like hours, so intense were they."

("O Dia", newspaper of Lisbon, edition 17 October, 1917).

Friday, October 13, 2017

Luther, the Great Heretic

Lutero, gran hereje

Luther, the Great Heretic

The thesis that stated that the moral decadence of the Church under the Renaissance Popes had reached an intolerable extreme, and that Luther led the Protestants against this situation, demanding a "reform", is false and no current historian is capable of holding it.

Next 31 October will mark a new anniversary of the 95 theses nailed, in 1517, by Luther to the door of the church of the Wittenburg palace. There are several recent publications on Luther, in which he is shown as a Bible enthusiast, as its propagator and as a reformer of a Roman Church corrupted in its time, etc. It therefore seems appropriate to make some clarifications.

He was not a reformer of manners, but of doctrines.- The thesis that states that the moral decadence of the Church under the Renaissance Popes had reached an intolerable extreme, and that Luther led the Protestants against this situation, demanding a "reform " is false and no current historian is capable of holding it. Among other reasons, because Luther himself dismisses this interpretation of his work in numerous explicit statements. "I do not dispute bad customs, but impious doctrines." And years later he insists on this: "I did not challenge immoralities and abuses, but the substance and doctrine of the Papacy." "Among us," he confessed openly, "life is rotten, as it is among the Papists; but we do not accuse them of immorality ", but of doctrinal errors. Indeed, "bellum est Luthero cum prava doctrina, cum impiis dogmatis" (Melanchton).

Reformer of the Catholic doctrine.- Luther, in fact, fought with all his forces against the doctrine of the Catholic Church. To begin with, he destroyed the Bible, by leaving it at the mercy of free examination, he changed the infallible and unique Divine Word for an innumerable and contradictory variety of fallible human words. He destroyed the Apostolic succession, the ministerial priesthood, the bishops and priests, the doctrine of the Fathers and Councils. He eliminated the Eucharist, as a sacrifice of redemption. He destroyed the devotion and worship of the Blessed Virgin and the saints, the vows and religious life, the charitable function of ecclesiastical law. He transformed the seven sacraments into one and a half. He affirmed, on the basis of the total corruption of man by original sin, that "reason is the devil's great whore, a whore eaten away by mange and leprosy" (etc., and five more lines). And for the same reason, and with equal passion, he denied the freedom of man (1525, De servo arbitrio), stating that "the most certain and religious" thing would be that the very term "free will" disappeared from the language. As a logical consequence, he also denied the need for good works for salvation. In short, with its "correct answers", as an author today writes, he practically destroyed all Christianity, destroying Christendom in passing.

Schizoid thinking.- The Catholic Church links reason with faith, understanding theology as "ratio fide illustrata" (Vatican I). It links the Bible with Tradition and the apostolic Magisterium (Vatican II, Dei Verbum 10). It links grace with the free action of the human will. Et et.

Luther's thought, on the other hand, is schizoid: Vel vel. Considering that "reason is the devil's great whore," he concludes: sola fides. Convinced that the mind and conscience of the Christian man are above the Fathers, the Popes and the Councils, he dictates: sola Scriptura. Affirming that man is not free, and that good works for salvation are not necessary, he declares: sole gratia.

The greatest offender of the Kingdom.- Luther writes that "the entire Church of the Pope is a Church of whores and hermaphrodites," and that the pope himself is "a furious madman, a forger of history, a liar, a blasphemer," a pig, a donkey, etc., and that all papal acts are "sealed with the devil's shit, and written with the farts of the donkey-pope." Countless pages could be filled with similar or worse phrases.

The Catholic theologians of Luther's time rejected his theses, earning from him the foreseeable qualifiers. The Faculty of Paris was "the condemned synagogue of the devil, the most abominable intellectual whore who has lived under the sun." And the theologians of Leuven, for their part, were "gross asses, cursed pigs, epicurean pigs, heretics and idolaters, damn broth of hell." It is not surprising that, thinking thus, Luther rejected Charles V's proposition in Worms to discuss his doctrines with the most prestigious Catholic theologians. Who can be interested in discussing with demon-possessed pigs?

In addition, Luther's insults had a universal extension: German women, for example, were "shameless slanders"; the peasants and bourgeois, "drunkards, given to all vices"; and of the students he said "there were scarcely one or two in a thousand he could recommend."

The perfect heretic.- "I, Dr. Luther, unworthy evangelist of our Lord Jesus Christ, assure you that neither the Roman Emperor [...] nor the pope, cardinals, bishops, saints, princes or knights will have anything against these articles, in spite of the whole world and all the devils [...] I am the one who affirms it, I, Dr. Martin Luther, speaking in the name of the Holy Spirit ». "I do not admit that my doctrine can be judged by anybody, not even the angels. Whoever does not listen to my doctrine cannot be saved."

Rough with the poor, weak with the powerful.- On the occasion of the uprising of the peasants, who demanded, first nicely and then not so much, what they considered their rights, writes Luther a harsh invective against the rapacious and homicide hordes of the peasants (1525). "The seditious must be thrown down, strangled and killed privately or publicly, for nothing is more poisonous, harmful and diabolical than a promoter of seditions, just as one must kill a rabid dog, because if you do not kill it, it will end with you and with all the country."

Luther, however, was very gentle with the powerful German princes, in order to win their favor. When, for example, Philip of Hessen, a great landgrave, married to Catherine, with whom he had seven children, demanded the approval of an additional marriage with a lady of the Saxon nobility, he obtained both Luther and Melanchton’s license, provided that it was kept secret. In this case of polygamy, consumed in 1540, they relied on the ancient Jewish Patriarchs.

Frightened of his own work.- The results of Luther's preaching were devastating in the morality of the people, and he himself recognized it. "Since the tyranny of the pope has ended for us, everyone despises pure and healthy doctrine. We no longer have the appearance of men, but of real brutes, a beastly species”. Of his followers he affirmed that "they are seven times worse than before. After preaching our doctrine, men gave themselves up to robbery, sham, drunkenness, and all manner of vices. We cast out a demon [the papacy] and there came seven worse."

Terrified, he wrote to Zwingli: "It is frightening to see how where at one time everything was tranquility and peace prevailed, now there are all kinds of sects and factions: an abomination that inspires pity [...] I am forced to confess it: my doctrine has produced many scandals. Yes; I cannot deny it; these things often terrify me. "And he still foresaw major disasters. One day he confided to his friend Melanchton: "How many different teachers will emerge in the next century? The confusion will come to an end”.

That's how it went. And so it has been in accelerated progression, until the great current apostasy of the old Catholic nations.

José María Iraburu, priest
Source: Infocatólica

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More than a Million Poles Prayed the Rosary along the Border for the Salvation of Poland and the World

It was an initiative of the laity supported by the Episcopal Conference of Poland

Thousands of Catholics walking toward Poland's border with Czech Republic / New York Times
October 10, 2017. Last Saturday took place one of the biggest prayers of the Rosary in the history of Europe. More than a million Polish Catholics made a human prayer chain along the more than 3,000 kilometers of the country's border to surround it and pray for Poland, Europe and the world asking Mary for her protection.

The initiative surpassed any forecast and provided spectacular images, because there were groups of people praying the Rosary anywhere along the border. The initiative was carried out by lay Catholics of “God Alone Suffices”, supported by different private and state companies and the Episcopal Conference. The Prime Minister of the country also joined the event by publishing in his Twitter account a picture of a Rosary.

A group of people pray on the border between Poland and Belarus / New York Times

The Episcopal Conference claims that this is the second prayer meeting in Europe, only surpassed by the last World Youth Day in Krakow.
Recovering the Christian roots of Europe
The archbishop of Krakow, Marek Jedraszewski, said that it is necessary to pray for Europe. "Let us pray so that other nations of Europe and the world understand that we need to return to the Christian roots of European culture if we want Europe to remain Europe."
In each of the thousand points where the Rosary was organized, the day began with a Mass, a subsequent pilgrimage and ended with the Marian prayer at the border. Those who could not attend did so from their parishes.

A date not chosen at random
The date chosen to organize the event "Rosary on the borders" was not casual. The organizers explained that Saturday, October 7, was the ideal day for these reasons:
  • It was the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, a day that also commemorates the victory of Christianity in Lepanto.
  • It was the first Saturday of the month, and Our Lady of Fatima spoke of the importance of this devotion.
  • 2017 marks the 140th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady in Gietrzwald, the only one recognized in Poland.
The Rosary can "change the fate of Poland and the whole world"
The organizers of the event said that "the powerful prayer of the Rosary can change the fate of Poland, Europe and even the whole world. Suffice it to say that Mary always asks for the praying of the Rosary in almost all her revelations. "

"Through this unprecedented prayer of the Rosary we want to show fidelity and obedience to Our Lady, who tirelessly calls us to say the Rosary. We also want to apologize for all blasphemy and insults against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We wish to implore by the intercession of the Mother of God to save Poland and the world. "
After the success in Poland, now Italy
The success of this initiative in Poland has caused that the prayer of the Rosary extends to other countries. This is the case of Italy, where the Marian group AIASM also wants to pray to Mary for the protection of their country and Europe.

The event will take place next Friday, October 13, at 5:30 p.m. In this case, a call is made for simultaneous prayer throughout the country but inside the parishes. This is "the most powerful initiative for peace, to recite the Holy Rosary."

Below you will find videos of some of the places where the Rosary was prayed on the borders of Poland:

Monday, October 9, 2017

Our Lady of the Rosary


All Christian Europe was about to be invaded by the Muslims. Had that been the case, the history of the world would have been completely different. And only God knows what darkness would have invaded all the Christian peoples... just imagine the current persecution in Syria, all Middle East and Africa!

Pope St. Pius V called the Christian nations to form an army to defeat them. Who would command the Christian Armed Forces?!... He celebrated a Mass so that God would illuminate him... and while he was reading the Last Gospel he read ... "there was a man sent from God, whose name was John..." "Heaven has answered," he thought, "Don Juan of Austria, a great man, Christian, soldier, illegitimate son of Charles V, great-grandson of the great Isabel la Católica, would guide the Christian army, infinitely smaller than the Muslim army."

The decisive battle was fought at Lepanto in 1571 ... the enemy forces were far superior, the Pope was praying, the Vatican was wielding the Rosary... and at that moment he had a vision: the Christian army had miraculously won! Christianity had been spared of the invasion that would have ended with all the Christianity in Europe! Thanks to the Holy Rosary!

Therefore, the Pope instituted the Feast of the Holy Rosary on October 7, when the Battle of Lepanto was won.

Let us reflect ... a grandson of Isabel la Católica... the praying of the Holy Rosary...

The year 1571 witnessed "the most memorable and high occasion that the last centuries have witnessed and that future ones may hope to see," said Miguel de Cervantes, the Manco of Lepanto. At the geographical and historical crossroads of the Gulf of Lepanto, Spain, once again provided a decisive battle for the destiny of mankind.

Today we are fighting an even worse battle... we will have to do our part...

For this reason, there is a particular urgency of unity today, when a silent Muslim infiltration is invading Europe, when it is trying to dismember Christianism, when human sacrifices are renewed - through the crime of abortion - in many countries and, paradoxically, in Mexico where Our Lady of Guadalupe came to abolish them, when the Church is occupied - to a great extent - by forces that try to destroy it from the inside, when the dictatorship of relativism invades and numbs consciences, when the family is the target of all the attacks from the infernal forces.

Let us pray our Rosary for our nations during this month, asking for forgiveness for the sins that we commit as a nation, and especially for the abortion. Let us console the heart of Our Lady and strive to eradicate abortion and ban it in our countries.

May God help us all to pray the Holy Rosary with all our hearts, and to do penance so that through the intercession of Our Lady this GREAT BATTLE THAT CHRISTIANITY IS WAGING AGAINST THE DEVIL IS WON.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2 October: Holy Guardian Angels

  • Matthew 18:10 - "See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven."
  • Saint Basil: "Every one of the faithful has beside him an angel as tutor and pastor, to lead him to life." cf. Saint Basil, Adv, Eunomium, III, 1; see also Saint Thomas, S. Th., I, q. 11, a. 3).