Sunday, October 15, 2017

Representation of the Miracle Occurred 100 Years Ago in Fatima Before Thousands of Witnesses

On 13 October 1917, Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the three shepherds for the last time, and 70,000 people witnessed in Cova da Iria the "dance of the sun":

"At one o'clock in the afternoon, solar noon, the rain ceased, the pearly gray sky illuminated the vast arid region with a strange light.

The sun was covered by a transparent gauze veil that made it easy to stare at it.

The gray shade turned into a silver foil that broke when the clouds opened.

And the silver sun, wrapped in the same veil of gray light, was seen rotating and moving in the circle of open clouds.

A groan was heard from every mouth and people fell to their knees on the muddy ground.

The light turned into a beautiful blue, as if it went through a stained glass window of a cathedral.

And it spread his beams over the people who were on their knees with outstretched arms.

The blue disappeared slowly, and then the light seemed to pierce a yellow glass.

The yellow light tinged the white handkerchiefs and the dark skirts of the women.

The same thing happened in the trees, the stones and in the mountains. People wept and prayed with their heads uncovered in the presence of the miracle they had hoped for. The seconds seemed like hours, so intense were they."

("O Dia", newspaper of Lisbon, edition 17 October, 1917).

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