Monday, January 30, 2023


Before I was not and now I am!

And I could have not been!

But my heart makes me see

That, if I am here present,

And before I was not the being that I am,

Someone, before, in his mind,

Saw me possible existing;

And by giving me the existence by his power,

Just because He wanted it to be that way,

I am a being here present.

Saturday, January 28, 2023


"Sovereign Catholic inflexibility is sovereign Catholic charity. Because in our times there are so few true inflexibles in the love of God, so also are there few uncompromisers in the order of charity. Liberal charity is condescending, affectionate, even tender in appearance, but at bottom it is an essential contempt for the true good of men, of the supreme interests of truth and [ultimately] of God."

Don Félix Sardá y Salvany, 'Liberalism is a Sin'

Thursday, January 26, 2023

In Spain, the truth is challenged: it is prevented from offering pregnant women to hear the heartbeat of the unborn child before abortion: an infamy


In Spain as a result of the so-called Aido Law of 2010, free abortion is allowed at 14 weeks of pregnancy. This law is contrary to the decisions of the Spanish Constitutional Court, which has said that the unborn child embodies a fundamental value: that of human life, constitutionally protected. But that is irrelevant to the electoral calculations of the abundant politicians and henchmen of an alienated, ignorant, hedonistic and consuming citizenry.

Very recently, a case occurred in Spain that eloquently illustrates such a fashion that challenges the truth. The rulers of the Spanish autonomous community of Castilla y Leon issued a protocol to offer mothers the possibility of hearing the heartbeats and seeing echosonogram images of their unborn children, before making the decision to abort in light of the so-called Aido Law that, we insist on, violates the Spanish constitutional principles that protect all human life, including that of the unborn.

When the content of the Castilla y Leon protocol became known, the furies of those who challenged the truth were unleashed, and after unprecedented pressure, the protocol was repealed. It must be clear that said protocol did not impose on mothers listening to said heartbeats and seeing such images, but simply offered them the possibility of doing so as the last opportunity for reflection, discernment, and prudential deliberation, typical of all rational and free human beings.

Hearing the heartbeat of an unborn child, of a human being who lives in the mother’s womb patiently waiting to see the light of day, awakens consciences numbed by perverse ideologies and propaganda, enemies of the truth of things, as was well said recently by a Spanish wise scholar

Seeing images, not of a mass, not of a clot, but of a human person in «transit towards birth», cures blindness and pettiness camouflaged with a legal and moral absurdity: the slogan of a supposed «right» to abort, that is, to murder defenseless human beings, the most vulnerable, as said by a wise man from Spain.

The challengers of the truth at all costs prevent that truth from emerging in the conscience of mothers by listening to the diastole and systole of the little hearts of those who inhabit their blessed wombs, so that the ideology of legalized crime prevails: totalitarianism without precedents. But those same Spanish enemies of life applaud, like seals, that images of blackened lungs, decomposed by smoking, which are reproduced on cigarette packs, in order to discourage smokers in view of the terrible damage to their lungs caused by tobacco.

But the fact that mothers are discouraged from having an abortion when accepting the cited offer, from turning off the heartbeat of a human being forever, is not acceptable, it is something intolerable for the challengers of truth. Pure hypocrisy of those individuals who use double standards at convenience. One defends lungs, the other promotes the annihilation of human hearts that beat defenseless against the evil of the necrophilous world.

It is unfortunate that politicians and followers of the left, center and right in Spain, in Europe as general rule, betray the Christian values that one day gave life and strength to that Europe, to the first parliaments -the first one in Huesca, Spain, before that in England-, later emulated by the nations of the world; that gave life to the first universities, Gothic cathedrals, divine comedies and theological sums, in glorious centuries, the XI, XII and XIII, which encompass the «highest and best civilization of all that history remembers», in words of the brilliant historian Hilaire Belloc, a friend of G. K. Chesterton with whom he fought intellectual struggles in favour of Catholic, universal values in modern England.

Brilliant centuries those of Dante, Thomas Aquinas, Albert the Great, Louis IX of France, Ferdinand III of Castile, Francis of Assisi, Anthony of Padua, Clare of Assisi. Today Europe is a vile divestiture at the service of the Yankee government, of the imperial hegemony of arms, money, abortion, gender ideology that is ignorant of the truth of the nature of things.

I hope that fresh winds will soon blow from other latitudes to restore Europe, the West, the aging, out-of-date, decadent civilization, with scientific and technological advances that amaze but which at the same time, with unusual frequency, dehumanize, terrify in terms of weapons and eugenic tests to calculatingly supply some of the millions of aborted human beings. It is time to challenge the enemies of the truth with the noble weapons of the spirit, aware that in the end the truth will win the battle.

La Gironda

Wednesday, January 18, 2023


The one only reason which men have for not obeying is when anything is demanded of them which is openly repugnant to the natural or the divine law, for it is equally unlawful to command to do anything in which the law of nature or the will of God is violated. If, therefore, it should happen to any one to be compelled to prefer one or the other, viz., to disregard either the commands of God or those of rulers, he must obey Jesus Christ, who commands us to "give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.

After the example of the Apostles: "We ought to obey God rather than men." And yet there is no reason why those who so behave themselves should be accused of refusing obedience; for, if the will of rulers is opposed to the will and the laws of God, they themselves exceed the bounds of their own power and pervert justice; nor can their authority then be valid, which, when there is no justice, is null.”


Encyclical letter Diuturnum illud by Leo XIII, June 29, 1881

Sunday, January 15, 2023


“The underlying principle of these new opinions is that, in order to more easily attract those who differ from her, the Church should shape her teachings more in accord with the spirit of the age and relax some of her ancient severity and make some concessions to new opinions. Many think that these concessions should be made not only in regard to ways of living, but even in regard to doctrines which belong to the ‘deposit of the faith’. They contend that it would be opportune, in order to gain those who differ from us, to omit certain points of her teaching which are of lesser importance, and to tone down the meaning which the Church has always attached to them. […]  Such a policy would tend rather to separate Catholics from the Church than to bring in those who differ. There is nothing closer to our heart than to have those who are separated from the fold of Christ return to it, but in no other way than the way pointed out by Christ. […] History proves clearly that the Apostolic See, to which has been entrusted the mission not only of teaching but of governing the whole Church, has continued "in one and the same doctrine, one and the same sense, and one and the same judgment," -- Const. de fide, Chapter iv. -- In this matter the Church must be the judge, not private men who are often deceived by the appearance of right."

(Leo XIII. Letter Testem Benevolentiae to Card. James Gibbons, January 22, 1899).

Wednesday, January 4, 2023



PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

Sunday, January 1, 2023


“Behold me, O my most loving God, loaded with the general and particular benefits which Thou hast bestowed, and wilt bestow upon me, in time and eternity. I know that Thy mercies to me have been and are infinite. But I am ready to pay Thee for all, even to the last farthing. Behold the tribute of my gratitude. The payment which I offer for all Thy goodness is this divine blood, this most precious body, this innocent victim, which I present to Thee by the hands of thy priest. I am certain that this oblation is sufficient to pay for all the gifts Thou hast conferred upon me; this gift of infinite value, is an equivalent for all the favors I have ever received, or now receive from Thee. 

Ah! ye holy angels, and all ye blessed spirits, help me to thank my God; and in thanksgiving for His great benefits, offer to Him not only this Mass, but all the Masses that are now being celebrated throughout the whole world, that His loving goodness may be fully recompensed for all the graces which He has bestowed, and is to bestow upon me now and for eternity. Amen.”

Saint Leonard of Port Maurice, The Hidden Treasure of the Holy Mass