Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We Cannot Celebrate the Complete Disregard for Reality by the LGBTQQIAPP Lobby

If a man thinks he is a fish and is convinced he is a fish, for love of him we must do everything possible to convince him not to try to live under water. It is impossible. The greatest respect we can show a human being who thinks he is a dog is to treat him as a human being. A man who was born a man is a man and must be treated as such even if he feels like a woman. That would be to show the respect due to him. The fact that a man believes that he is a woman does not make him part of a minority that needs to be tolerated, but part of a group that needs help... If a human being believed that he or she is a cat, it would not be respectful to follow the game and treat them as a cat; we must help them to see that they are a human being.

Unfortunately, many have abandoned common sense and, contrary to all logic, have accepted the possibility that one's feelings may miraculously change the biological reality of an individual.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Do Not Let Others Keep You in Slavery, Be Free

  • Listen to God, not your own fears.
  • "To no man rendering evil for evil. Providing good things, not only in the sight of God but also in the sight of all men." Rom. 12:17

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Prophecy of Saint Hildegard about the End of Times

St. Hildegard von Bingen* (1098-1179), known as the "Sibyl of the Rhine" and as the "Teutonic prophetess", great mystic and intellectual of the XII century, who had revelations and prophetic visions, commenting on the Liber divinurom operum, Verse 6,8 of the Apocalypse, wrote:

“The ancient serpent enjoys with all the punishments with which man is punished in the soul and in the body. He, who has lost the heavenly glory, does not want any man to reach it. Indeed, as soon as he realized that the man had heard his advice, he began to project the war against God: 'Through man I will carry out my purposes.'

"In its hatred, the serpent has inspired men to hate each other and, with the same evil purpose, has induced them to kill one another.

“And the serpent said: 'I shall pour forth my breath in order to extinguish the line of the sons of men, and then men shall be kindled with passions for other men, commiting shameful acts.

“And the serpent, taking delight shouted, this is the supreme offense against the One who given man his body. That His image may be stamped out because man has avoided natural relations with women.

“It is the devil, then, who convinced them to become unfaithful ones and seductors, which prompted them to murder, becoming bandits and thieves, because the sin of homosexuality leads one to the most shameful violence and all vices. When all these sins have been manifested, then the validity of God’s law will be broken and the Church will be persecuted as a widow.”
*NOTE: On October 7, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI granted her the title of doctor of the Church next to San John of Avila.

Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Pray and What Fruits Are Obtained From The Hail Mary by St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort

Brief explanation of the Hail Mary

Are you in the miserable state of sin? Then call on Mary and say to her, "AVE!" which means "I greet thee with the most profound respect, thou who art without sin," and she will deliver you from the evil of your sins.

Are you groping in the darkness of ignorance and error? Go to Mary and say to her, "HAIL MARY!" which means "Hail, thou who art bathed in the light 60 of the Sun of Justice 61," and she will give you a share in her light.

Have you strayed from the path leading to heaven? Then call on MARY, for her name means "Star of the Sea, the Polar Star which guides the ships of our souls during the voyage of this life," and she will guide you to the harbour of eternal salvation.

Are you in sorrow? Turn to MARY, for her name means also "Sea of Bitterness which has been filled with bitterness in this world but which is now turned into a sea of purest joy in heaven," and she will turn your sorrow into joy and your affliction into consolation.

Have you lost the state of grace? Praise and honour the numberless graces with which God has filled the Blessed Virgin and say to her, THOU ART FULL OF GRACE and filled with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and she will give you some of these graces.

Are you alone, having lost God's protection? Pray to Mary and say, THE LORD IS WITH THEE, in a nobler and more intimate way than he is with the saints and the just, because thou art one with him. He is thy Son and his flesh is thy flesh; thou art united to the Lord because of thy perfect likeness to him and by your mutual love, for thou art his Mother. And then say to her, "The three persons of the Godhead are with thee because thou art the Temple of the Blessed Trinity," and she will place you once more under the protection and care of God.

Have you become an outcast and been accursed by God? Then say to our Lady, "BLESSED ART THOU ABOVE ALL WOMEN and above all nations by thy purity and fertility; thou hast turned God's maledictions into blessings for us." She will bless you.

Do you hunger for the bread of grace and the bread of life? Draw near to her who bore the living Bread which came down from heaven, and say to her, "BLESSED BE THE FRUIT OF THY WOMB, whom thou hast conceived without the slightest loss to thy virginity, whom thou didst carry without discomfort and brought forth without pain. Blessed be JESUS who redeemed our suffering world when we were in the bondage of sin, who has healed the world of its sickness, who has raised the dead to life, brought home the banished, restored sinners to grace, and saved men from damnation. Without doubt, your soul will be filled with the bread of grace in this life and of eternal glory in the next. Amen."

Conclude your prayer with the Church and say:

"HOLY MARY," holy because of thy incomparable and eternal devotion to the service of God, holy in thy great rank as Mother of God, who has endowed thee with eminent holiness, in keeping with this great dignity.

"MOTHER OF GOD, and our Mother, our Advocate and Mediatrix, Treasurer and dispenser of God's graces, obtain for us the prompt forgiveness of our sins and grant that we may be reconciled with the divine majesty.

"PRAY FOR US SINNERS, thou who art always filled with compassion for those in need, who never despise sinners or turn them away, for without them you would never have been Mother of the Redeemer 62.

"Pray for us NOW, during this short life, so fraught with sorrow and uncertainty; now, because we can be sure of nothing except the present moment; now that we are surrounded and attacked night and day by powerful and ruthless enemies.

"AND AT THE HOUR OF OUR DEATH, so terrible and full of danger, when our strength is waning and our spirits are sinking, and our souls and bodies are worn out with fear and pain; at the hour of our death when the devil is working with might and main to ensnare us and cast us into perdition; at that hour when our lot will be decided forever and ever, heaven or hell. Come to the help of your poor children, gentle Mother of pity, Advocate and Refuge of sinners, at the hour of our death drive far from us our bitter enemies, the devils, our accusers, whose frightful presence fills us with dread. Light our path through the valley of the shadow of death. Lead us to thy Son's judgment-seat and remain at our side. Intercede for us and ask thy Son to pardon us and receive us into the ranks of thy elect in the realms of everlasting glory. Amen."

- oOo -

No one could help admiring the excellence of the holy Rosary, made up as it is of these two divine parts: the Lord's Prayer and the Angelic Salutation. How could there be any prayers more pleasing to God and to the Blessed Virgin, or any that are easier, more precious, or more helpful than these two prayers? We should always have them in our hearts and on our lips to honour the most Blessed Trinity, Jesus Christ our Saviour and his most holy Mother.
In addition, at the end of each decade it is good to add the Gloria Patri, that is: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
60 “Bathed in the light", is one of the meanings of the name of Mary. It also means "very beloved", "Star of the sea", "Lady", "Light of the sea", "Sublime", "Beautiful", "Hope". Cf. Alastruey, Treaty of the Virgin Mary, B.A.C., 1947, p.
61 The "Sun of Justice" is Jesus Christ (Malachi 4:2), who has clothed his Blessed Mother with His own divine splendor (Revelation 12:1).
62 Since Jesus (who means savior) has come for sinners (Matthew 9:13, Luke 5:32).

Source: St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort. The Secret of the Rosary. Brief explanation of the Hail Mary. Post title: Catholicityblog.
“If you say the Rosary faithfully until death, I do assure you that, in spite of the gravity of your sins "you shall receive a never-fading crown of glory." Even if you are on the brink of damnation, even if you have one foot in hell… sooner or later you will be converted and will amend your life and save your soul, if - and mark well what I say – IF YOU SAY THE ROSARY DEVOUTLY EVERY DAY UNTIL DEATH”: St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Paving the Way for the Antichrist with Communion to Adulterers: A Sacrilegious Act in Argentina

A high Mass was celebrated in Argentina to give Communion to adulterous couples

Last Sunday, at the Parish Church of San Roque, Reconquista, Santa Fe (Argentina), the local bishop, Macin, appointed by Pope Francis in 2013, carried out a monumental and sacrilegious scandal that clearly showed what there is behind Amoris laetitia.

In this church, he organized a high Mass, in which he publicly reported that according to the norms sent in a letter, more than 6 months ago by Pope Francis, and within the framework of the integration of Christians "marginalized" by their irregular situation of divorced and remarried couples, or by an irregular situation (divorced in a new union), after having carried out a period of 6 months of Saturday meetings called "The Way of Discernment"*, it was ruled, in accordance with the aforementioned (by order of the pope) to INCLUDE THEM IN SACRAMENTAL AND FULL COMMUNION, which happened at the ceremony. At no point did they mention that those people had taken a vow of chastity or lived "as brothers and sisters”.

Communion was given to everyone (about 30 couples) accompanied by their relatives who took photos in a festive mood. No reference was ever made to the scriptures condemning adultery, but they did mention again and again the works of Amoris laetitia, where it is said that divorced and remarried couples should be included in full communion.

This bishop, and all those who follow this type of indications and acts, are simply apostates, wolves dressed in lambs who not only send souls to hell, but also profane the Eucharist, of which they will have to give an account before God.

This news is confirmed by (the website) Adelante la Fe, by eyewitnesses and, if there is any doubt, it can be checked in the local information.

* Editorial Note: "Discernment" in the "modernist" language means: Methodology to seek a "justification" to break the Commandments of the Law of God.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Today is celebrated

"The Enemy is to Be Found Everywhere" H.H. Pius XII

"Do not ask who is the enemy? or how is he dressed? It is to be found everywhere and among everyone; it can be both violent and astute. In these last centuries, it has attempted to disintegrate the intellectual, moral, and social unity in the mysterious organism of Christ. It has sought nature without grace, reason without faith, freedom without authority, and, at times, authority without freedom. It is an “enemy” that has become more and more apparent with an absence of scruples that still surprises: CHRIST YES; THE CHURCH NO! AFTERWARDS: GOD YES; CHRIST NO! FINALLY THE IMPIOUS SHOUT: GOD IS DEAD AND, EVEN, GOD NEVER EXISTED! And behold now the attempt to build the structure of the world on foundations which we do not hesitate to indicate as the main causes of the threat that hangs over humanity: ECONOMY WITHOUT GOD, POLITICS WITHOUT GOD. The enemy has committed himself and is determined to MAKE CHRIST A STRANGER IN THE UNIVERSITIES, IN THE SCHOOL, IN THE FAMILY, IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE, IN LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITY AND IN THE INTELLIGENCE AMONG PEOPLES, WHERE PEACE OR WAR IS DETERMINED."

(Pius XII to the men of Catholic Action 12-10-1952)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it is not enough to say, "Lord, Lord!" It is necessary to believe fully - without any contamination - the Divine Revelation and to do the will of God.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Work of the Holy Ghost by Saint Basil the Great


The titles given to the Holy Spirit must surely stir the soul of anyone who hears them, and make him realise that they speak of nothing less than the supreme Being. Is he not called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, the steadfast Spirit, the guiding Spirit? But his principal and most personal title is the Holy Spirit.

To the Spirit all creatures turn in their need for sanctification; all living things seek him according to their ability. His breath empowers each to achieve its own natural end.

The Spirit is the source of holiness, a spiritual light, and he offers his own light to every mind to help it in its search for truth. By nature the Spirit is beyond the reach of our mind, but we can know him by his goodness. The power of the Spirit fills the whole universe, but he gives himself only to those who are worthy, acting in each according to the measure of his faith.

Simple in himself, the Spirit is manifold in his mighty works. The whole of his being is present to each individual; the whole of his being is present everywhere. Though shared in by many, he remains unchanged; his self giving is no loss to himself. Like the sunshine, which permeates all the atmosphere, spreading over land and sea, and yet is enjoyed by each person as though it were for him alone, so the Spirit pours forth his grace in full measure, sufficient for all, and yet is present as though exclusively to everyone who can receive him. To all creatures that share in him he gives a delight limited only by their own nature, not by his ability to give.

The Spirit raises our hearts to heaven, guides the steps of the weak, and brings to perfection those who are making progress. He enlightens those who have been cleansed from every stain of sin and makes them spiritual by communion with himself.

As clear, transparent substances become very bright when sunlight falls on them and shine with a new radiance, so also souls in whom the Spirit, become spiritual themselves and a source of grace for others.

From the Spirit comes foreknowledge of the future, understanding of the mysteries of faith, insight into the hidden meaning of Scripture, and other special gifts. Through the Spirit we become citizens of heaven, we enter into eternal happiness, and abide in God.

From the book of Saint Basil the Great, Bishop, on the Holy Ghost, Ch. 9, No. 22-23.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Parents School and Church (II)

Before we begin our analysis of those things that we should keep in mind regarding the Christian education of children, it would be good for us to consider other factors no less important, and without which an adequate education would be practically impossible: parents, school, and the Church.

(Please note: In order to take advantage of what is said in these articles, and given that they are part of a series, it would be good to read them in order.)

The first factor to keep in mind: The parents

The parents (father and mother) are the first and most important educators of their children. The help that they receive from grandparents, school, and the Church are secondary and/or complementary. At no time can parents abandon, postpone, or neglect the most important obligation that they have to their children and for which they will need to give an account to God.

To form Christian children, the first thing that is needed is for parents to be Christian too. And when we say truly Christian parents, I mean that they are sacramentally married, living their faith, practicing their religion, leading a serious life of personal and familial piety, frequenting the sacraments, accepting the will of God, open to more children, taking the education of those children seriously, not being afraid to make the sacrifices necessary to adequately educate their children, dedicating enough time to them, able to give up work outside the home, completely or in part, if it is necessary for the good of the children, etc. If those who have to be models for their children already have serious defects, it is quite certain that these same defects, and to a greater degree, will be also be present in their children.

At the beginning we said that the ideal situation for the formation of children is what we mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, we know that this ideal situation is not the reality in many cases.

Still, there are situations where, although the education is more difficult, it is not completely impossible. I am referring to the case of a father or mother who is widowed, and to the case of a divorced or single mother (usually it is the mother who is left with the kids) who has to care for the children by herself, because the father left and doesn’t want anything to do with them. Within this last group we could add the situation of those children who have to grow up with their grandparents or other guardians, because the parents are never home due to the demands of their jobs. In this final case, education becomes much more difficult because grandparents cannot be substitutes for parents. The formation would not be impossible if the grandparents were really serious about the children’s education and the parents did not negatively interfere when they were home (typically at night or on the weekends).

But there are more serious cases in which a Christian education of the children is nearly impossible, because it is built on a foundation of grave errors. I am referring to the following situations:
  • There are parents who, although sacramentally married, in reality live a “practical divorce,” because each one lives his own life and has a different way of educating the children.
  • There are parents who, though sacramentally married, don’t practice their religion.
  • They are many divorced mothers who have sole care of their children during the week, and have to send the children to be with their father on the weekend. In the majority of those cases, he speaks badly of the mother and spoils the children.
  • There are parents who are civilly married who cannot return to the Church for a sacramental marriage because of a previous sacramental marriage. These parents already have a very serious underlying problem: they prefer to live together without the blessing of God, and consequently, they cannot approach the sacraments. This irregular situation usually lasts many years, during which the parents lack sanctifying grace and at the same time live in a situation of grave sin that they want to justify in their children’s eyes. This makes the parents very imperfect models because the children “understand” that it is not so bad to live together if they love each other, even though they don’t have God’s blessing and they are living in grave sin.
  • There are cases of parents who simply live together without even a civil marriage.
  • All of these cases and many other similar ones, including those even more grave, are a serious detriment to the education of the children.
The Christian education of children is impossible when the “parents” are gays or lesbians. The problem that it has, apart from being a very grave sin, is that it is contrary to nature, and for that reason there is no way that these parents could fulfill what God wants of them. These parents always try to justify themselves to their children as being something normal. Not only is this a serious sin, but also makes them incapable of being human and Christian models for their children.

If raising children today is tremendously difficult, even in ideal conditions, then it’s even more difficult when the first stage in their formation does not fulfill those ideal conditions. The final result, then, is more than a challenge.

The secondary role of schools

Schools, and centers of learning in general, exist in order to help parents in the human and Christian education of their children. At no time should schools replace parents, nor should parents avoid their primary responsibility and leave this task entirely in the hands of a third party.

Fifty years ago, it was relatively easy to find good religious schools, including boarding schools in some cases, that were praiseworthy in their work of formation. But in the last fifty years, as a result of the serious crisis that the Church and all of the institutions that depend on her have been suffering, finding a “Catholic school” that lives up to its name is very difficult.

I have recently received letters from parents asking for direction about Catholic schools that I trust in Spain. Sadly, I have to say that, although there could be an isolated one, I don’t know of any that I would recommend. In the past I would tell them that sending their children to a Jesuit, Piarist, or Salesian school would guarantee them a good education. Today (with the possibility of some isolated exception unknown to me), sending children to “religious” schools is the same as, or sometimes worse than, sending them to a public school.

By virtue of sending their children to a religious school, parents innocently hope that the education will be really good on both the human and Christian level; but today, perhaps the majority of the “craziness” that I hear comes out of the religious schools.

In order to attract parents, they try to maintain certain “Catholic” ways, but when you dig a little and probe the content of their teachings, you see that there’s practically no difference between them and a public school. There’s also the added difficulty that, because the parents believe that the school was “good,” they let down their guard regarding the formation of their children, and when they remember, the children have already been humanly and Christianly malformed.

I have already said that some isolated religious school that provides a good human and Christian formation could exist, but I am not aware of any. Until recently, the schools associated with Opus Dei in one way or another had the reputation of providing a solid academic formation and maintaining a high degree of Christian moral values. In reality, I don’t have any detailed information about them.

Generally speaking, we should analyze each case individually, but this is not within my scope. It is your task to examine the curriculum of every school, teacher, and book that is used to teach the classes before sending your children there.

“Homeschooling” or Teaching at home

In your comments about the first article in this series dedicated to the education of children, some of you have pointed out the possibility of teaching your children at home yourselves. With respect to this mode of teaching, I’d like to say the following: I lived for nine years in the United States and am very familiar with this way of teaching because it is quite common there. There are many Catholic parents that recognize that the problem with public and private (religious) schools is so serious that they have chosen to teach their children in their own homes. Although it might seem like a good idea in the beginning, the final results are tremendously varied, and it involves many factors that can make the “experiment” to be a success or a failure.
  1. Each country must have the methods for evaluating this type of education. A student who has completed his homeschooling studies, when he wants to go on for further education or to college, might not have the courses that he has completed with you recognized by the university. The government could also take the children away from the parents, saying that they are not educating their children properly. I know of some cases like this in the United States.
  2. The parents must be properly trained academically (Christian formation is presupposed, for if not, they would not begin this type of educational endeavor). What happens in the great majority of cases is that they can only teach classes until the children are ten or twelve years old. Starting at age thirteen (which is when the difficult age begins), if they remain at home, they might have more success with Christian formation; but on the other hand, the academic training will be rather deficient, because the parents are not prepared (generally speaking) to explain algebra, biology, chemistry, Latin, languages, and many other subjects. So then, when they arrive at twelve or thirteen years old, they must either accept that their children will not have an adequate academic formation, or they have to send them to public or private schools. That’s when the serious problems that they have managed to avoid until then will begin.
  3. Independent of this, homeschooling also has the disadvantage that the children do not interact with other children, spending most of the day in the house, and end up lacking social skills. Regarding this particular point, I have known children who are totally normal as well as children who are incapable of making friends and have ended up being “weirdos.”
  4. On the other hand, parents who try to protect their children from any outside bad influence create a type of “aseptic” environment, which is to say “without germs” (no TV, no internet, no videogames, etc. There are only movies of saints and others of the like), which make it so that the children don’t have defenses prepared for when they’ve finished their studies and home and have to leave. Then, the world awakes abruptly. For the first time, they see the world for themselves. They know other good things, but also many evil things. They discover a world that is totally unknown to them and they begin to make friends; they learn that there are professors that teach better than their parents, that the world is not the four walls of their house. Little by little, they find themselves to be immersed in this new world and begin to discover things that attract them, ones which their parents always told them were sinful. This is the moment when the fight begins, and in the majority of cases, not having sufficient defenses, they fall into evil habits and fail as men and as Christians. It would be as if a child had grown up inside a bubble and had never received the “contamination” of the outside world. When this child comes into contact with the “germs of this world” he will not have the proper defenses prepared and his life will be in danger.
Even though homeschooling can be good in the beginning, it is not a panacea, and it has many limitations that must also be kept in mind.

The role of the Church in the education of children

In the same way that we said that schools exist to help parents in the education of their children, the Church performs a similar function. The primary role of the Church (independent of Catholic schools) is to help parents to teach their children in the areas of morality, catechesis, liturgy, and the sacraments.

The “religious” education of children in the Church should begin from their most tender infancy. Parents are responsible before God for bringing their children to Mass where they can begin to learn these things. Even more, I personally love to see when parents come to Church with their babies who are only a few months old. The Church is a living organism; Christ is the Good Shepherd, and in His flock there are little lambs that leap restlessly and bleat, but that bring joy to the whole congregation. When these children are only a few months old, it makes me so happy to see when parents bring their children before an image of the Virgin and say: “give your heavenly Mother a kiss.” They received faith in Baptism; now it is up to the parents to help God to form this faith; first they start with kisses for the Virgin, later they teach them the “Prayer to the Guardian Angel,” the Hail Mary, and the rest of the prayers. They do this in such a way that when they come to catechesis for First Communion at six or seven years old, they already know the most foundational prayers, and they are used to praying them. They know who God is, how Jesus died, what the Eucharist is, how to behave in church, and many other simple but most necessary teachings, and which are the start of the “Christian piety” of these children.

Unfortunately the reality is very far from these “dreams.” The great majority of the children that come to catechesis for First Communion don’t know who Jesus is, why they have to kneel or to be quiet in the church; in short, they don’t know the least sign of piety because they have never learned it from their parents (and sometimes not even from their priests).

In addition, if we agree that the most important function that the Church should have for children at this age has nearly been reduced to teaching them to color pictures and to learn a couple of sentences, but nothing more, then this precious time will be lost.

On the other hand, if parents don’t worry about bringing their children to Church on a weekly basis while they are under their care, it will probably be the last time that we see these children in many years, because the role that the Church should have will be completely lost. And I say this with my own experience of more than 30 years of priesthood.

It’s a fact that:
  • After finishing catechesis for First Communion, less than 20% of these children return to catechesis for Confirmation.
  • Out of all of those baptized, less than 15% marry in the Church.
  • Weekly attendance at Mass is no more than 10% in the majority of parishes.
  • The number of baptized persons who fulfill the precept of the Church to confess their sins at least once a year is less than 5%.
If in addition to all of this we add the fact that in many parishes the teaching provided is far from the Magisterium of the Church, then we see that the picture before us is even bleaker.

In short, I am giving you but a glimpse, although it is not really necessary, as you know many other, and more serious, examples.

A few days ago a mother of a family (who did not belong to any of my parishes) told me that she had caught her 15 year old son looking at pornography in his bedroom and committed an impure act. When the mother saw him, she didn’t know what to do, but a few hours later she approached her son with great love and told him that what he did was not right. She told him to confess what he’d done as soon as possible and ask for God’s forgiveness. The following Sunday the boy, more out of obedience than out of love of God, confessed. He told the priest what he’d done, and according to the mother the priest’s response was the following: Try not to do it again, but still, don’t worry too much about it because it’s something common at your age. It’s one way to release tension.

You tell me now, what type of education produced this boy. But on the other hand, this makes me think, and I am not wrong in this, what type of chastity does a priest who gives such advice live; what will he do when he personally has this “tension.”

As you can see, the education of children is something extremely difficult. There are enemies on all sides. It is for this reason that everyone – parents, schools, priests – must all pray a lot, take our vocation more seriously and realize that what’s at stake is the happiness of many individuals, and that what is most important is their salvation as well as our own.

In the next article we will begin to discuss more particulars and give practical advice that can help parents with this difficult mission. May God bless you.

Fr. Lucas Prados

[Translation by Carolina Santos. Adelante la Fe]