Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We Cannot Celebrate the Complete Disregard for Reality by the LGBTQQIAPP Lobby

If a man thinks he is a fish and is convinced he is a fish, for love of him we must do everything possible to convince him not to try to live under water. It is impossible. The greatest respect we can show a human being who thinks he is a dog is to treat him as a human being. A man who was born a man is a man and must be treated as such even if he feels like a woman. That would be to show the respect due to him. The fact that a man believes that he is a woman does not make him part of a minority that needs to be tolerated, but part of a group that needs help... If a human being believed that he or she is a cat, it would not be respectful to follow the game and treat them as a cat; we must help them to see that they are a human being.

Unfortunately, many have abandoned common sense and, contrary to all logic, have accepted the possibility that one's feelings may miraculously change the biological reality of an individual.