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About the Faithful Departed

"Therefore, the pains of the blessed souls in purgatory are terribly great, and they cannot fend for themselves. Saint Job says these words: Chained and tied with ropes of poverty, they are queens, and they are destined for the eternal kingdom, but they will not be able to take possession of it, and they will have to cry in exile until they are completely purified. Some theologians say that the souls in purgatory can mitigate their torments with their prayers, but in any case they will never be able to find in themselves enough and sufficient resources, so they will have to remain chained until they have paid their debt to Divine Justice, as a Cistercian friar, condemned to purgatory, said to the brother sacristan of his monastery: ‘Help me, he begged him, with your prayers, that I cannot do anything to help myself’, and the same repeats Saint Bonaventure: ‘So poor are those blessed souls, that they cannot pay their debts’.

What is true and an article of faith is that we can help with our suffrages and above all with our prayers to those holy souls. The Church praises these prayers and she herself gives us her example.

If we are not moved by this duty of charity, let us do it for the great pleasure we provide Jesus Christ, when He sees that we strive to break the chains of his beloved wives so that they may enjoy his love in heaven. Let us do it also for the thought of the many merits that by this means we acquire, since we make such an act of charity with those blessed souls; and we can be sure that they, in turn, grateful for the good we have given them, taking them out with our prayers of those pains and anticipating the time of their entrance into heaven, will not stop praying for us when they get to Heaven. Said the Lord, Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. For if the kindly rewarder promises mercy to those who have mercy with their neighbors, with greater reason can we hope for our eternal salvation, if we make an effort to help those blessed souls, so afflicted and so beloved of God."

Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Feast of Christ the King

It is truly meet and just, right and profitable, for us, all times, and in all places, to give thanks to Thee, O Lord, the holy One, the Father almighty, the everlasting God: Who didst anoint with the oil of gladness Thine Only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, eternal Priest and King of the universe: that, offering Himself as a stainless peace-offering on the altar of the Cross, He might fulfill the pledges of man's redemption; and, having all creatures subject to His power, might deliver to Thy sublime majesty an eternal and universal kingdom, a kingdom of truth and life; a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of justice, love and peace. And therefore with the Angels and Archangels, with the Thrones and Dominations, and with all the array of the heavenly host, we sing a hymn to Thy glory, and unceasingly repeat: Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of hosts. Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory.
Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is He Who cometh in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest.

Preface of Christ the King

Friday, October 26, 2018

Nine Points that Prove that the Blessed Virgin Mary did not Have More Children besides Jesus Christ

By Brother Pedro Beltrán Sánchez and Fr. Jorge Luis Zarazúa Campa, fmap

Most of non-Catholic groups constantly attack the Virgin Mary, mainly denying her perpetual virginity; that is, although they accept her virginity before giving birth, they deny her virginity during childbirth and after it, especially noting that Our Lady had more children besides Our Lord. Some of the biblical texts they use to support their ideas are Mt. 13,46:47 and Mk. 3:31 where it says "His brethren" or where, according to the non-Catholic interpretation, even the names of the blood brothers of Jesus appear: "Joseph, James, Jude and Simon" (Mt 13:56; Mk 6:3).

Given this, we will point out nine proofs on which Catholics base to say that Mary was always a virgin. I hope that after reading them, you will not tell me the same that a Pentecostal pastor told me: "And what good is Mary’s virginity to me?" The answer would be: "And what is the point of speaking ill of it?" Be careful! The devil is the father of lies. Lest it be that instead of serving God you are serving the devil with your lies.

Here are the nine proofs of Mary's virginity:

1.- In the Bible, the word brother has different meanings: uncle, nephew, countryman, husband, etc. For example, in Gen 13:8 we see that Abraham tells Lot that they are "brothers", but in Gen 11:27 and Gen 12:5 it is clear that Abraham is Lot's uncle; they are, therefore, uncle and nephew, however they call themselves "brothers".

Therefore, we cannot say that the word "brother" in the Bible always refers to "blood brothers". Moreover, there are several idioms used by the people of God to refer to blood brothers, as can be seen in Canticle of Canticles 1:5, where the Shulamite emotionally says: "Do not consider me that I am brown, because the sun hath altered my color: the sons of my mother have fought against me, they have made me the keeper in the vineyards." In Psalm 50:20, the sacred writer uses both expressions: "brother", with a broader meaning, and "son of your mother", which is more specific: "You sit and speak against your brother; you slander your own mother's son.”

2.- With regard to Jesus’ brothers mentioned in Mk 6:3, Joseph, James, Jude and Simon; let us see if Joseph is really their father and Mary their mother. For example, in relation to James, in Mt 10:3 we see that his father is Alpheus = Clopas. Then, he is not the son of Saint Joseph.

With respect to the mother of James and Joseph, we see in the Bible that it is a woman called Mary (Mt 27:56, Mk 15:40) but then the Bible clarifies that it is a different Mary from the mother of Jesus: "Now there stood by the cross of Jesus, his mother and his mother's sister, Mary of Cleophas, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee” (Jn. 19:25); therefore, it is most likely that the mother of the "brothers of Jesus" is a relative (cousin) of the Virgin Mary and the so-called "brothers of Jesus" are, in reality, relatives (cousins) of Jesus.

3.- If Mary had more children, why did Jesus entrusted her to a stranger? (Jn 19, 25:27) The truth is that the Virgin Mary had no other children and that is why Jesus entrusted her to the beloved disciple, so that His mother would not remain alone.

4.- In Lk 2:41, we see that the family of Nazareth is mentioned: Jesus, Mary and Joseph; there is no talk about other children here, therefore there are not any other children.

5.- In Mk 6, it says, "the son of Mary" not "one of the children of Mary"; Jesus' relationship with Mary is always singular.

6.- In the biblical scheme, every time God announces through an angel to a woman that she will conceive and give birth to "a son", she only has one son. For example: God announces to Abraham that his wife, Sarah, will give birth to a son; well, Isaac is the only child conceived by Sarah. The same thing happens with Samson's mother (Jg. 13:3). Another case is the wife of Zacharias (Saint Elizabeth), who only had one son: Saint John the Baptist (Lk 1:3). In the case of Mary, she is also prophesied that she will "bear a son"; then she only gave birth to one son, therefore the biblical scheme was not broken either in the case of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

7.- The prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 says that "a Virgin shall conceive." The way in which people will recognize that Jesus is the Messiah is through His mother. If the mother of Jesus has more children and therefore she is not a virgin, the signal is lost. Since the Apostles recognized that Jesus was the Messiah and they knew His mother, we can conclude from this what the Church has always believed in: the perpetual virginity of Mary.

8.- The Bible says: "brothers of Jesus", but it does not say "the children of Mary". There is no text in the Bible that says "brothers of Jesus, children of Mary." See proof 1.

9.- During the first four centuries in the history of our Church, no one formulated the idea that the "brothers of Jesus" were His blood brothers. The first to do so was Helvidius, around 380 a. C., and Saint Jerome responded quickly to him with the text "Adversus Helvidium", on the perpetual virginity of Mary.

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Saint Robert Bellarmine Dixit

"They are too presumptuous and foolish those people who in a matter of such importance about eternal happiness or eternal torment, dare to remain in a state of mortal sin, even for a day, seeing that they can be surprised by death at any moment, and knowing that after death there is no place for repentance and that once in hell there is no redemption."

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Punishment of Bad and Good

-Why God allows the suffering of the good when he punishes the acts of the wicked

One of the mysteries that strikes modern man, even if he has a Catholic faith, is that of the suffering of the good. When speaking in traditional Catholic circles about an imminent punishment of God to sinful humanity, like the Universal Flood, many feel skeptical and manifest that something like that would be unjust. The answer to these doubts was already given by Saint Augustine of Hippo in his work "The City of God".

We reproduce here chapter IX of the first book, in which he briefly summarizes a luminous argument in this regard.

Of the reasons for administering correction to bad and good together.

1. What, then, have the Christians suffered in that calamitous period, which would not profit everyone who duly and faithfully considered the following circumstances? First of all, they must humbly consider those very sins which have provoked God to fill the world with such terrible disasters; for although they be far from the excesses of wicked, immoral, and ungodly men, yet they do not judge themselves so clean removed from all faults as to be too good to suffer for these even temporal ills. For every man, however laudably he lives, yet yields in some points to the lust of the flesh. Though he do not fall into gross enormity of wickedness, and abandoned viciousness, and abominable profanity, yet he slips into some sins, either rarely or so much the more frequently as the sins seem of less account. But not to mention this, where can we readily find a man who holds in fit and just estimation those persons on account of whose revolting pride, luxury, and avarice, and cursed iniquities and impiety, God now smites the earth as His predictions threatened? Where is the man who lives with them in the style in which it becomes us to live with them? For often we wickedly blind ourselves to the occasions of teaching and admonishing them, sometimes even of reprimanding and chiding them, either because we shrink from the labour or are ashamed to offend them, or because we fear to lose good friendships, lest this should stand in the way of our advancement, or injure us in some worldly matter, which either our covetous disposition desires to obtain, or our weakness shrinks from losing.

So that, although the conduct of wicked men is distasteful to the good, and therefore they do not fall with them into that damnation which in the next life awaits such persons, yet, because they spare their damnable sins through fear, therefore, even though their own sins be slight and venial, they are justly scourged with the wicked in this world, though in eternity they quite escape punishment. Justly, when God afflicts them in common with the wicked, do they find this life bitter, through love of whose sweetness they declined to be bitter to these sinners.

2. If any one forbears to reprove and find fault with those who are doing wrong, because he seeks a more seasonable opportunity, or because he fears they may be made worse by his rebuke, or that other weak persons may be disheartened from endeavouring to lead a good and pious life, and may be driven from the faith; this man's omission seems to be occasioned not by covetousness, but by a charitable consideration. But what is blameworthy is, that they who themselves revolt from the conduct of the wicked, and live in quite another fashion, yet spare those faults in other men which they ought to reprehend and wean them from; and spare them because they fear to give offence, lest they should injure their interests in those things which good men may innocently and legitimately use,—though they use them more greedily than becomes persons who are strangers in this world, and profess the hope of a heavenly country.

For not only the weaker brethren, who enjoy married life, and have children (or desire to have them), and own houses and establishments, whom the apostle addresses in the churches, warning and instructing them how they should live, both the wives with their husbands, and the husbands with their wives, the children with their parents, and parents with their children, and servants with their masters, and masters with their servants,—not only do these weaker brethren gladly obtain and grudgingly lose many earthly and temporal things on account of which they dare not offend men whose polluted and wicked life greatly displeases them.

But those also who live at a higher level, who are not entangled in the meshes of married life, but use meagre food and raiment, do often take thought of their own safety and good name, and abstain from finding fault with the wicked, because they fear their wiles and violence. And although they do not fear them to such an extent as to be drawn to the commission of like iniquities, nay, not by any threats or violence soever; yet those very deeds which they refuse to share in the commission of, they often decline to find fault with, when possibly they might by finding fault prevent their commission. They abstain from interference, because they fear that, if it fail of good effect, their own safety or reputation may be damaged or destroyed; not because they see that their preservation and good name are needful, that they may be able to influence those who need their instruction, but rather because they weakly relish the flattery and respect of men, and fear the judgments of the people, and the pain or death of the body; that is to say, their non-intervention is the result of selfishness, and not of love.

3. Accordingly, this seems to me to be one principal reason why the good are chastised along with the wicked, when God is pleased to visit with temporal punishments the profligate manners of a community. They are punished together, not because they have spent an equally corrupt life, but because the good as well as the wicked, though not equally with them, love this present life; while they ought to hold it cheap, that the wicked, being admonished and reformed by their example, might lay hold of life eternal. And if they will not be the companions of the good in seeking life everlasting, they should be loved as enemies, and be dealt with patiently. For so long as they live, it remains uncertain whether they may not come to a better mind.

These selfish persons have more cause to fear than those to whom it was said through the prophet, "He is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand." For watchmen or overseers of the people are appointed in churches, that they may unsparingly rebuke sin. Nor is that man guiltless of the sin we speak of, who, though he be not a watchman, yet sees in the conduct of those with whom the relationships of this life bring him into contact, many things that should be blamed, and yet overlooks them, fearing to give offence, and lose such worldly blessings as may legitimately be desired, but which he too eagerly grasps.

Then, lastly, there is another reason why the good are afflicted with temporal calamities—the reason which Job's case exemplifies: that the human spirit may be proved, and that it may be manifested with what fortitude of pious trust, and with how unmercenary a love, it cleaves to God.

Source: Panorama Católico Internacional

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Do You Sin Habitually and with Obstinacy, or Accidentally Due to Your Weakness?

All sinners must bear in mind that there is a great difference between sinning by habit (with obstinacy) and sinning accidentally (by weakness); and know that it is necessary for us to stop committing habitual sins while WE ARE IS STILL ALIVE and not wait at the time of our death ...

"For the salvation of my soul, it is so necessary for me to get out of the habit of sinning, because habitual sins are the ones that lead men to Hell ..."

Saint Francis Xavier

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Standard

"Let us never forget that an age prospers or dwindles in proportion to its devotion to the Holy Eucharist. This is the measure of its spiritual life and its faith, of its charity and its virtue."

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

Friday, September 21, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

Devotion to Mary, Effective Remedy against Impurity

“A well-known incident is related by Father Paul Segneri in his book “Christian Instructed.” A Roman youth of evil habits and laden with sins, went to confession to Father Niccolas Zuccbi. The confessor received him kindly, compassionated his misery, and told him that devotion to the blessed Lady would free him from his accursed vices. He therefore imposed it upon him as penance, that until the time of his next confession, every morning and evening, on rising and going to bed, he should recite a “Hail Mary” to the Virgin; making an offering to her of his eyes, hands, and his whole body, praying her to keep him as her own; and that he should kiss the ground three times.

The young man practiced this penance, and at first with very little improvement; but the priest continued to exhort him, encouraging him to trust in the patronage of Mary.

In the meantime, the penitent left home with some other companions, and travelled over the world. Having returned to Rome, he went again to seek his confessor, who to his great joy and surprise, found him entirely changed, and free from his former impurities.

“Father,” said the youth, “the blessed Virgin, for that little devotion which you taught me, has obtained for me this grace.” But the wonder did not cease here. The same confessor related this fact from the pulpit. An officer, who, for several years, had kept up an illicit intercourse with a certain woman, heard it, and proposed also himself to practice the same devotion, in order to free himself from that horrible tie which held him a slave of the devil (which intention is necessary for all such sinners, that the Virgin may aid them): and he also quitted his bad practice and changed his life.

But what followed? At the end of six months, foolishly and too confidently trusting in his strength, he wished, one day, to go and find that woman, to see if she had also changed her way of life. But on approaching the door of her house, where he was in manifest danger of falling again into sin, he felt himself thrust hack by an invisible force, and soon found himself distant from the house the whole length of the street, and before his own door; he was then enlightened to see clearly that Mary had thus rescued him from his destruction.

Thus we perceive how solicitous is our good mother, not only to take us away from sin, if we for that end commend ourselves to her, but also to protect us from the danger of falling into it again."

Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, The Glories of Mary, Part II, Discourse IV.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Prayer reminder for the thirteenth day of each month

We remind you that today, as every 13th day of each month, we will join together in prayer for five minutes, for the intentions that are explained in the following link:

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Lord, Teach Me How To Pray!

Because prayer is necessary to me. Without it I cannot persevere.

Help me in my weakness. Enlighten my understanding. Strengthen my will. Take away from me the anxieties that disturb me. Help me so that when I am in solitude and in silence I dedicate myself to talk with you, to tell you about my miseries, to include you in my joys and sorrows, to renew my intentions before you, to pray for me and for everyone else...

Teach me how to pray!

Teach me how to meditate on the mysteries of your life, on the example of your virtues, on your love for me, on your triumphs and on your glory... Teach me how to meditate on your Blessed Mother, Mary, on your saints, on the truths that you preached.

Lord, teach me how to pray!

Fr. Alberto Moreno, El día del retiro mensual, p. 150.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

He Had Already Warned Us

For it is no longer a case of dealing with disputants who come forward in the clothing of sheep. Now we are faced with open and bitter enemies from within our own household, who, in agreement with the outstanding opponents of the Church, are working for the overthrow of the faith. (...) They arrogate to themselves the right to correct this revealed wisdom as if it were something corrupt, to renew it as if it were something that had become obsolete, to improve it and to adapt it to the dictates, the progress, and the comfort of the age as if it had been opposed to the good of society.

Saint Pius X, Sacrorum Antistitum

Sunday, September 2, 2018


  • Authorities who do not comply with this duty and obligation should resign or be removed for their incompetence or complicity
  • Infiltration of the Church in order to destroy the work of Christ (attacking morality and dogma) has been denounced by several popes. It has even corrupted some seminarians and clerics who did not originally participate in it

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Today is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

On November 1, 1950, Pius XII defined the Assumption of Mary to be a dogma of faith: “We pronounce, declare and define it to be a divinely revealed dogma that the immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul to heavenly glory.”

Monday, August 13, 2018

Prayer reminder for the thirteenth day of each month

We remind you that today, as every 13th day of each month, we will join together in prayer for five minutes, for the intentions that are explained in the following link:

Friday, August 3, 2018

Hundreds of Thousands Marched in Ecuador to Protest against Abortion and Gender Ideology

A massive simultaneous demonstration took place in different cities of Ecuador in favor of life and against gender ideology. The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, is promoting a pro-abortion and LGBTI agenda in the country since his arrival in power in May 2017.

Hundreds of thousands of parents marched on July 28 to protest against the agenda of gender ideology in education promoted by the government of Ecuador, while demanding that any “reform” movement to legalize abortion in the country should be definitively closed.

The organizers estimate that 200,000 people participated in Guayaquil, and the demonstrations were replicated in Quito and other cities of the country.

Source: Actuall

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Prayer for a Happy Death

Oh, my Lord and Saviour, support me in that hour in the strong arms of Your Sacraments, and by the fresh fragrance of Your consolations. Let the absolving words be said over me, and the holy oil sign and seal me, and Your own Body be my food, and Your Blood my sprinkling; and let my sweet Mother, Mary, breathe on me, and my Angel whisper peace to me, and my glorious Saints smile upon me; that in them all, and through them all, I may receive the gift of perseverance, and die, as I desire to live, in Your faith, in Your Church, in Your service, and in Your love. Amen.

John Jenry Newman

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dear Oxana Shachkó

Dear Oxana Shachkó

I heard about your death yesterday. In the face of this tragic episode, many will react in different ways. Your friends will cry, your enemies will rejoice, those who don’t care will ignore it. Being a co-founder of "Femen", even though you were not my direct enemy, you were still my enemy, since the enemies of God and the Catholic Church are my enemies.

However, I'm not happy about your death. I'm not happy that you took your own life. I am deeply sorry, since you were deceived by the devil and his henchmen. You never knew about the merciful love of God who receives the repentant sinner in his arms. You did not have the grace to see the Redeemer, He who said to the sinful woman: "I do not condemn you either, go now, and leave your life of sin". You did not feel in your own flesh the words of the God made man who told Saint Dismas, the Penitent Thief crucified on his right: "Truly I tell you: today you will be with me in paradise."

The devil taught you that "you are the owner of your body", and that therefore you have the right to abort your own child. He also taught you to ignore what science says when biology clearly states that the baby in your womb is not an organ of your body but an individual different from you. Satan also told you that abortion is a sign of modernity, since the most advanced countries practice it. But the devil did not explain to you that all those "developed" countries have the highest rate of suicides and depression, that Europe is being invaded by hostile cultures thanks to selfishness and individualism that lead people to avoid conception and children. The Evil One told you that you are equal to man and that therefore you can lead a promiscuous life like he does, that there is no difference between male and female. However, the devil did not tell you that we are not equal in everything (women can get pregnant, men cannot, women have XX chromosomes, men have XY chromosomes, women are more perceptive than men to details. Normally, men are physically stronger, and women have biological periods that men do not have to suffer, etc.). In short, the devil taught you many things, and the worst one was that he whispered in your ear that God does not exist, that there is only this life, that there is no paradise or hell, nor reward or punishment, that we are a set of molecules and death is the dissolution of them. Satan deceived you, dear Oxana, as he DECEIVES MANY MEN AND WOMEN, BECAUSE HE IS THE FATHER OF LIES AND DOES NOT SEEK OUR SALVATION BUT OUR ETERNAL DAMNATION.

I'm really very hurt by the decision you made to take your own life. Although I never met you personally, I mourn your death, because your life is worth the blood of Christ, who immolated himself on the cross seeking your eternal salvation. I would have liked to have been there to stop you, to tell you about that faith that you may never knew or that you rejected, but it's too late. I can only pray for your soul and ask God to have mercy on you.

I applaud the fact that at least you told the truth before you died. You said that feminism is "a fraud".

Women, let the death of this poor girl be useful. Do not be fooled by the lies and frauds of "Femen". Feminism does not dignify women, and here I am referring to that Bolshevik feminism represented in all those women wearing green scarves. The only thing that dignifies women is the love of God and respect for human nature. 

Woman, you are very worthy and you are a treasure for humanity. Do not ruin yourself with femibolchevism or trying to kill the unborn. You do not need one thing nor the other. If you are what you should be, that is, a woman, you will be respected and honored. If instead you pretend to be what you are not (a man with skirts), you will end up like Oxana, even if you do not commit suicide, because femibolchevism is a spiritual suicide.

Let us pray for the soul of Oxana, and pray that there will be no more victims of this demonic and absurd ideology.

In Christ and Most Holy Mary:

Father Tomás A. Beroch

Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Universal Prayer of Pope Clement XI

O my God, I believe in Thee; do Thou strengthen my faith. All my hopes are in Thee; do Thou secure them. I love Thee with my whole heart; teach me to love Thee daily more and more. I am sorry that I have offended Thee; do Thou increase my sorrow.

I adore Thee as my first beginning; I aspire after Thee as my last end. I give Thee thanks as my constant benefactor; I call upon Thee as my sovereign protector.

Vouchsafe, O my God, to conduct me by Thy wisdom, to restrain me by Thy justice, to comfort me by Thy mercy, to defend me by Thy power.

To Thee I desire to consecrate all my thoughts, words, actions, and sufferings; that henceforward I may think only of Thee, speak of Thee, refer all my actions to Thy greater glory, and suffer willingly whatever Thou shallt appoint.

Lord, I desire that in all things Thy will may be done, because it is Thy will, and in the manner that Thou willest.

I beg of Thee to enlighten my understanding, to inflame my heart, to purify my body, and to sanctify my soul.

Grant that I be not puffed up with pride, moved by flattery, deceived by the world, or duped by the devil.

Give me grace to purify my memory, to bridle my tongue, to restrain my eyes, and to mortify my senses.

Give me strength, O my God, to expiate my offenses, to overcome my temptations, to subdue my passions, and to acquire the virtues proper for my state.

Fill my heart with tender affection for Thy goodness, a hatred of my faults, a love for my neighbor, and contempt of the world.

Let me always remember to be submissive to my superiors, condescending to my inferiors, faithful to my friends, and charitable to my enemies.

Assist me to overcome sensuality by mortification, avarice by alms-deeds, anger by meekness, and tepidity by devotion.

O my God, make me prudent in my undertakings, courageous in dangers, patient in affliction, and humble in prosperity.

Grant that I may be ever attentive at my prayers, temperate at my meals, diligent at my employments, and constant in my resolutions.

Let my conscience be ever upright and pure, my exterior modest, my conversation edifying, and my life according to rule.

Assist me that I may continually labor to overcome nature, to correspond with Thy grace, to keep Thy commandments, and to work out my salvation.

Help me to obtain holiness of life by a sincere confession of my sins, by a devout reception of the Body of Christ, by a continual recollection of mind, and by a pure intention of heart.

Discover to me, O my God, the nothingness of this world, the greatness of heaven, the shortness of time, and the length of eternity.

Grant that I may prepare for death, that I may fear Thy judgments, that I may escape hell, and in the end obtain heaven, through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

* Prayer recommended for after communion, but not limited to that moment.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Meeting Carried out by Lucifer with His Demons in Hell, after the Death of Christ Our Lord by Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda

The fall of Lucifer with his demons from Mount Calvary to the depths of hell, was more turbulent and furious than when he was thrown from heaven. And although that place is always a dark land covered in the shadows of death, of a caliginous (dark) confusion, of miseries, torments and disorder, as Saint Job says, on this occasion his unhappiness and disturbance was greater, because the condemned souls received new horror and accidental grief with the ferocity of the demons that descended. It is true that they have no power in hell to put souls at will in places of greater or lesser torment; because this is decided by the divine justice, according to the demerits of each of the condemned. But, in addition to the essential penalty, the Judge orders other accidental penalties on some occasions; because their sins left in the world roots and many damages for others that for their cause are condemned, and the new effect of their sins causes them these penalties. The demons tormented Judas with new penalties, for having sold and procured death to Christ. And they knew that this place of such formidable sorrows, where they had placed him, was destined for the punishment of those who only had faith without works, and those who scorned the cult of this virtue and the fruit of human redemption. And against these demons manifest the greatest indignation, as they conceived it against Jesus and Mary.

As soon as Lucifer was permitted to proceed in these matters and arise from the consternation in which he remained for some time, he set about proposing to his fellow-demons new plans of his pride. For this purpose he called them all together and placing himself in an elevated position, he spoke to them: "To you, who have for so many ages followed and still follow my standards for the vengeance of my wrongs, is known the injury which I have now sustained at the hands of this Mangod, and how for thirty-three years He has led me about in deceit, hiding his Divinity and concealing the operations of his soul, and how He has now triumphed over us by the very Death which we have brought upon Him. Before He assumed flesh I hated Him and refused to acknowledge Him as being more worthy than I to be adored by the rest of creation. Although on account of this resistance I was cast out from heaven with you and was degraded to this abominable condition so unworthy of my greatness and former beauty, I am even more tormented to see myself thus vanquished and oppressed by this Man and by his Mother. From the day on which the first man was created I have sleeplessly sought to find Them and destroy Them; or if I should not be able to destroy Them, I at least wished to bring destruction upon all his creatures and induce them not to acknowledge Him as their God, and that none of them should ever draw any benefit from his works. This has been my intent, to this all my solicitude and efforts were directed. But in vain, since He has overcome me by his humility and poverty, crushed me by his patience, and at last has despoiled me of the sovereignty of the world by his Passion and frightful Death. This causes me such an excruciating pain, that, even if I succeeded in hurling Him from the right hand of his Father, where He sits triumphant, and if I should draw all the souls redeemed down into this hell, my wrath would not be satiated or my fury placated."

Is it possible that the human nature, so inferior to my own, shall be exalted above all the creatures! That it should be so loved and favored, as to be united to the Creator in the person of the eternal Word! That He should first make war upon me before executing this work, and afterwards overwhelm me with such confusion! From the beginning I have held this humanity as my greatest enemy; it has always filled me with intolerable abhorrence. O men, so favored and gifted by your God whom I abhor, and so ardently loved by Him! How shall I hinder your good fortune? How shall I bring upon you my unhappiness, since I cannot destroy the existence you have received? What shall we now begin, O my followers? How shall we restore our reign? How shall we recover our power over men? How shall we overcome them? For if men from now on shall not be most senseless and ungrateful, if they are not worse disposed than we ourselves toward this Godman, who has redeemed them with so much love, it is clear that all of them will eagerly follow Him; none will take notice of our deceits; they will abhor the honors which we insidiously offer them, and will love contempt; they will seek the mortification of the flesh and will discover the danger of carnal pleasure and ease; they will despise riches and treasures, and love the poverty so much honored by their Master; and all that we can offer to their appetites they will abhor in imitation of their true Redeemer. Thus will our reign be destroyed, since no one will be added to our number in this place of confusion and torments; all will reach the happiness which we have lost, all will humiliate themselves to the dust and suffer with patience; and my wrath and haughtiness will avail me nothing."

"Ah, woe is me, what torment does this mistake cause me! When I tempted Him in the desert, the only result was to afford him a chance to leave the example of this victory, by following which men can overcome so much the more easily. My persecutions only brought out more clearly his doctrine of humility and patience. In persuading Judas to betray Him, and the Jews subject Him to the deadly torture of the Cross, I merely hastened my ruin and the salvation of men, while the doctrine I sought to blot out was only the more firmly implanted. How could One who is God humiliate Himself to such an extent? How could He bear so much from men who are evil? How could I myself have been led to assist so much in making this salvation so copious and wonderful? O how godlike is the power of that Man which could torment and weaken me so? And can this Woman, his Mother and my Enemy, be so mighty and invincible in her opposition to me? New is such power in a mere creature, and no doubt She derived it from the divine Word, whom She clothed in human flesh. Through this Woman the Almighty has ceaselessly waged war against me, though I have hated Her in my pride from the moment I recognized Her in her image or heavenly sign. But if my proud indignation is not to be assuaged, I benefit nothing by my perpetual war against this Redeemer, against his Mother and against men. Now then, ye demons who follow me, now is the time to give way to our wrath against God. Come all of ye to take counsel what we are to do; for I desire to hear your opinions."

Some of the principal demons gave their answers to this dreadful proposal, encouraging Lucifer by suggesting diverse schemes for hindering the fruit of the Redemption among men. They all agreed that it was not possible to injure the person of Christ, to diminish the immense value of his merits, to destroy the efficacy of the Sacraments, to falsify or abolish the doctrine which Christ had preached; yet they resolved that, in accordance with the new order of assistance and favor established by God for the salvation of men, they should now seek new ways of hindering and preventing the work of God by much the greater deceits and temptations. In reference to these plans some of the astute and malicious demons said "It is true, that men now have at their disposal a new and very powerful doctrine and law, new and efficacious Sacraments, a new Model and Instructor of virtues, a powerful Intercessor and Advocate in this Woman; yet the natural inclinations and passions of the flesh remain just the same, and the sensible and delectable creatures have not changed their nature. Let us then, making use of this situation with increased astuteness, foil as far as in us lies the effects of what this Godman has wrought for men. Let us begin strenuous warfare against mankind by suggesting new attractions, exciting them to follow their passions in forgetfulness of all else. Thus men, being taken up with these dangerous things, cannot attend to the contrary."

Acting upon this counsel they redistributed the spheres of work among themselves, in order that each squadron of demons might, with a specialized astuteness tempt men to different vices. They resolved to continue to propagate idolatry in the world, so that men might not come to the knowledge of the true God and the Redemption. Wherever idolatry would fail, they concluded to establish sects and heresies, for which they would select the most perverse and depraved of the human race as leaders and teachers of error. Then and there was concocted among these malignant spirits the sect of Mahomet, the heresies of Arius, Pelagius, Nestorius, and whatever other heresies have been started in the world from the first ages of the Church until now, together with those which they have in readiness, but which it is neither necessary nor proper to mention here. Lucifer showed himself content with these infernal counsels as being opposed to divine truth and destructive of the very foundation of man's rescue, namely divine faith. He lavished flattering praise and high offices upon those demons, who showed themselves willing and who undertook to find the impious originators of these errors.

Some of the devils charged themselves with perverting the inclinations of children at their conception and birth; others to induce parents to be negligent in the education and instruction of their children, either through an inordinate love or aversion, and to cause a hatred of parents among the children. Some offered to create hatred between husbands and wives, to place them in the way of adultery, or to think little of the fidelity promised to their conjugal partners. All agreed to sow among men the seeds of discord, hatred and vengeance, proud and sensual thoughts, desire of riches or honors, and by suggesting sophistical reasons against all the virtues Christ has taught; above all they intended to weaken the remembrance of his Passion and Death, of the means of salvation, and of the eternal pains of hell. By these means the demons hoped to burden all the powers and the faculties of men with solicitude for earthly affairs and sensual pleasures, leaving them little time for spiritual thoughts and their own salvation.

Lucifer heard these different suggestions of the demons, and answering them, he said: "I am much beholden to you for your opinions: I approve of them and adopt them all; it will be easy to put them into practice with those, who do not profess the law given by this Redeemer to men, though with those who accept and embrace these laws, it will be a difficult enterprise. But against this law and against those that follow it, I intend to direct all my wrath and fury and I shall most bitterly persecute those who hear the doctrine of this Redeemer and become his disciples; against these must our most relentless battle be waged to the end of the world. In this new Church I must strive to sow my cockle (Matth. 14, 25), the ambitions, the avarice, the sensuality, and the deadly hatreds, with all the other vices, of which I am the head. For if once these sins multiply and increase among the faithful, they will, with their concomitant malice and ingratitude, irritate God and justly deprive men of the helps of grace left to them by the merits of the Redeemer. If once they have thus despoiled themselves of these means of salvation, we shall have assured victory over them. We must also exert ourselves to weaken piety and all that is spiritual and divine; so that they do not realize the power the Sacraments and receive them in mortal sin, or at least without fervor and devotion. For since these Sacraments are spiritual, it is necessary to receive them with well-disposed will, in order to reap their fruits. If once they despise the medicine, they shall languish in their sickness and be less able to withstand our temptations; they will not see through our deceits, they will let the memory of their Redeemer and of the intercession of his Mother slip from their minds. Thus will their foul ingratitude make them unworthy of grace and so irritate their God and Savior, as to deprive them of his helps. In all this I wish, that all of you assist me strenuously, losing neither time nor occasion for executing my commands.''

It is not possible to rehearse all the schemes of this dragon and his allies concocted at that time against the holy Church and her children, in order that these waters of Jordan might be swallowed up in his throat. It is enough to state that they spent nearly a full year after the Death of Christ conferring and considering among themselves the state of the world up to that time and the changes wrought by Christ our God and Master through his Death and after having manifested the light of his faith by so many miracles, blessings and examples of holy men. If all these labors have not sufficed to draw all men to the way of salvation, it can be easily understood, that Lucifer should have prevailed and that his wrath should be so great, as to cause us justly to say with saint John: "Woe to the earth, for satan is come down to you full of wrath and fury!'' But alas! that truths so infallible and so much to be dreaded and avoided by men, should in our days be blotted from the minds of mortals to the irreparable danger of the whole world! Our enemy is astute, cruel and watchful: we sleepy, lukewarm and careless! What wonder that Lucifer has intrenched himself so firmly in the world, when so many listen to him, accept and follow his deceits, so few resist him, and entirely forget the eternal death, which he so furiously and maliciously seeks to draw upon them? I beseech those, who read this, not to forget this dreadful danger. If they are not convinced of this danger through the evil condition of the world and through the evils each one experiences himself, let them at least learn this danger by the vast and powerful remedies and helps, which the Savior thought it necessary to leave behind in his Church. For He would not have provided such antidotes if our ailment and danger of eternal death were not so great and formidable.


Monday, July 23, 2018

Do Not Let Yourself Be Dejected by Your Fall

"If you happen to commit some fault, correct yourself gently by humbling yourself before God. Admit your misery, but do not let yourself be dejected by your fall. Is there any wonder than infirmity is infirm, weakness weak and misery wretched? Nevertheless, detest with all your heart your offense of God. With great courage and confidence in His mercy, return to the path of virtue you had abandoned."

Saint Francis of Sales Introduction to the Devout Life