Tuesday, October 17, 2017

While Ecuador Protests Against Gender Ideology, in Paraguay a Priest Destroys It in Two Minutes

On October 14, hundreds of thousands of Ecuadorians congregated in several streets of Quito, the nation´s capital, in a demonstration in which they demanded the right of the parents to educate their children in the natural values. There were massive concentrations in the major cities of that country.


What consequences can the introduction of Gender Ideology have in education? In Paraguay not only did they ask this, but they even debated about it in the Bicameral Hall of the Legislative Palace. But now, thanks to Father Miguel Martinez, everyone knows the answer.

Father Martinez had two minutes to intervene and explain his point of view. It was direct, clear and forceful:

"Good Morning. Please do not pay attention to the cassock, I will not talk to you about the Bible and the Catechism; but about common sense for people who think with common sense.

The evil of Gender Ideology in educational programs lies in the fact that our children would grow up believing that we can separate thoughts from reality. Before, it was reality that told us what was true and what was not. But Gender Ideology transfers this authority from reality to the State, to politicians in turn to ideologized NGOs, or simply to the whims and emotional disorders of everyone. Self-perception either submits to the biological data of reality or becomes arbitrary, tyrannical, sentimental and stupid.

In the last 5 years, in Scotland and England, there has been an increase in the number of children requesting treatment of gender change by 500 and 1000 per cent, respectively, because of educational programs. This happens because a child, obviously, does not possess all the psychological development that he or she needs, and therefore, their self-perception may be fragile. Who does not know a child who thinks he is Superman, Naruto or a Ninja Turtle? But it does not occur to anyone to think that a superhero would be trapped in the body of that child, except to Gender Perspective.

That is the argument that is proposed in each book denounced here. The child thinks as a child until an adult teaches him to think by connecting things with reality, and only then can they mature and become adults.

That a woman may not be woman and a man may not be a man, is a contradiction that can only nest in the mind of a Paraguayan when it is torn from its culture through the social re-engineering of the single speech. (Which the press is already doing).

That is why every honest man has to demand that the Paraguayan State listen to its people and reject categorically any law, treaty, agreement or educational program that promotes this anti-scientific, unnatural and, therefore, immoral Gender Perspective.

Thank you very much.”

Source: actuall.com

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