Friday, April 22, 2016

Woman, Your Indecent Fashions Crucify Me Again

O, woman, look at Me, scourged and crowned with thorns! Contemplate My wounds…! Then listen and reflect.

I was like a meek lamb during my earthly life. I went to Calvary without opening My mouth to defend Myself.

I treated the Samaritan woman with kindness and she converted. I touched the heart of Mary Magdalene, the sinner, and turn her into a saint.

When I walked through the streets of Palestine, I spoke words of light, peace and love. My teachings were as sweet as honey. 

But one day, when I divinely saw through the centuries how evil impetuously flooded the world and offended My temples, I uttered words of fire: “Woe to the world because of scandals!... Woe to him through whom scandals come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he cast into the sea.”

He who utters this woe is a God that has been abandoned by many priests, nuns and seculars who do not live according to what I preached. It is I, Jesus Christ, who suffered so much to save the souls. It is I, the supreme Judge of Mankind, of that same mankind that crucifies Me again with their indecent fashions. I, who utter the eternal sentence of Heaven or Hell.

O woman, you who follow the immodest fashions, reflect and think seriously for a moment about the grave scandals you cause in those who look at you, who desire you and hurt you with their vulgar words because of your tight, transparent, revealing and short clothing.

O woman, why do you offend My temples by exhibiting your body?

Why do you only seek to please and tempt men?

Why do you transform My house of prayer into an anatomy hall wherein bare heads, torsos, extremities and even the brand of your underwear can be seen?

My temples are profaned because of your sensual and provocative clothing.

Tell me, O woman, where are your virtues? Your modesty, decency and humility, where are they?

Is your immodest clothing different to the clothes of an atheist? No, not at all! You may deceive yourself by saying “There is nothing wrong in following the fashion. Other women do it, too… and there are priests who not only do not forbid it but even accept it.”

You may deceive yourself with this, but the reality is very different. The improper behavior of so many women, even if they are Christians, does not justify your own bad behavior.

If other women want to be eternally condemned by following what the world preaches to them, why would you want to be condemned, too?

All the sins that you cause with the trousers, shorts, mini-skirts, transparent and low-cut blouses and dresses, bare backs and navels, that you wear and show inside and outside the temple are attributable to those who look at you, but above all they are attributable to you for being the voluntary cause of them.

I, the Divine Legislator, said: “Whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

The morals that I taught is one, inviolable and eternal, while the fashions are countless. My Church has no fashions. They belong only to the world.

If you really love Me, you must follow My example and live a life of abnegation and sacrifice. Therefore, you must abandon all fashions that are against morals and faith.

Narrow is the door that leads to Heaven and wide the door that leads to Hell. The great majority choose the latter.

To be against immodest fashions and not to wear indecent clothes is very difficult, and it is necessary to love Me very much to not being dragged by them.

Both men and women are more concerned about following the latest fashions, than about imitating My life, that was filled with austerities.

I was sent to the world not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.

You were sent to the world not to live, do and wear whatever you want, but to make my Holy Will.

You are either with Me, or against Me.

Either you are with Me, or you are with the immodest fashions.

What you choose will give you an eternity of My glory, or an eternity of sorrows.

When death takes you away from this world that is filled with vanities and luxuries, and you stand before Me to be judged, seeing all the sins that men committed by looking at your sparsely covered body, you will be ashamed. What will you say to defend yourself? Woe to you, woman, because of your scandals! Woe to you that lost all sense of decency and shame! Why do you behave like this? Why do you crucify Me again with the nails of your immodesty?

What bitterness I feel when you receive Me in Communion in a disrespectful manner, when I have to enter into your body that is the cause of so many sins, and a bad example for the women that you call with disdain and scorn “old-fashioned”.

I assure you that many of those “old-fashioned” women are with Me, while many “modern” women that lack decency and modesty are “enjoying” in Hell.

The marriages that are celebrated today are also a slap in My face, when the bride and bridesmaids approach the altar half naked, just as the majority of their friends.

They are so hypocritical that being half naked they wear around their necks beautiful crucifixes, as a sign of their “great catholicity”.

The truth is that they are whited sepulchres. They are luxurious on the outside and devoid of humility and charity on the inside.

Woe unto those priests who are afraid of or do not want to forbid the profanation and desecration of My Temples!

Many of them are seduced by their presence, and do not want to be strict in the performance of their duties.

I was betrayed by a false apostle. And today, there are false priests, religious and laypersons who work clandestinely to destroy My Church.

They distort my doctrine by allowing all kinds of things and by creating an easy Christianity. The most profane things and situations can be seen in My Temples: make-up, wigs, jewelry, amulets, sunglasses, transparent fabrics. While others eat, smoke, talk, sleep, flirt, browse, walk around admiring the works of art, etc, etc. as if they were on a picnic. Woe unto them!

They are turning my House of Prayer into a place of sin… and nobody defends Me.

Everybody stays silent, leaves and no one sees anything, they deny me just as the day I was crucified.

No one takes risks for Me, they wash their hands like Pilate did.

Where are those who will give their life for Me?

If a politician, actor or singer tells them “do this” or “wear that”, everyone follows their advice. I, on the other hand, offer them an eternal gift provided they fulfill My commandments and almost no one takes notice of My invitations.

Woe unto my nuns that fail to advice their pupils in their institutions and schools about the proper and correct way of dressing. Woe unto those religious women that adapt their garments to those of mundane women! Their sins are exhausting My patience!

Woe unto those fathers and mothers that, following the immoral rhythm of the fashions, pervert their children and make them the cause of scandal.

Woe unto all those seculars that do not advice strongly enough their mistaken brothers about the need and obligation to abandon all fashions and actions that distort My Gospel.

Woe unto them who, in one way or another, encourage, commercialize and allow all kinds of nakedness! I know that they seek to corrupt women, so they can easily destroy my Church, family and countries.

I say to all of you that the responsible for a sin is he who commits it, but also he who has the duty to prevent it and cowardly does nothing.

“Severe measures are taken to fight against hunger, pests, poverty and impurities in the atmosphere, but the contamination of the spirits is contemplated with complacency.” (Paul VI)

My justice destroyed the immoral cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. But the punishment that will fall upon shortly will be much worse, as it has been announced by My Holy Mother in La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima and other places.

O souls, who are stuck in moral mud, living an easy and licentious Christian life, spreading death everywhere. Look at Me crucified, meditate on Hell, the final destination of so many souls that once lived indulging in all kinds of pleasures, fashions and entertainments. What will become of you?

O woman, when you were alive you were praised, applauded, admired, imitated and followed because of your countless exhibitions: who remembers you now? Where are all your achievements? Where is your money, jewelry and fame? Where are the parts of your body that you enjoyed showing?

They are being consumed by the eternal fire, a fire that devours without killing.

Meanwhile, all those women who led decent and modest lives, enduring bitter criticisms and hurtful jokes about their decency and respect for Me, will enjoy eternally of My company and the company of My Mother.

If thy hand, or thy foot, scandalize thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee. It is better for thee to go into life maimed or lame, than having two hands or two feet, to be cast into everlasting fire.

If you fear and respect men and fashions more than Me, you are not worthy of Me.

I say to every man and woman: “Depart from the offensive and sinful fashions, even at the cost of losing your family, friends, money, fame and life itself.”

I invite my faithful bishops, priests, religious and seculars to defend my Cause and My Temples with prudent courage from the obscene and shameful fashions. If you do not do this, the arm of My justice will befall on you who have the obligation to give testimony of my life.

Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.

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