Thursday, May 12, 2016

May: Month of Mary, Month of Mothers

For a Catholic mother to serve her family is much more important, harder, significant and extremely more gratifying than any job or career could be. Any possible professional activity must be subordinated to her role in the household and must not interfere with it. A mother has more possibilities to change the world for the better, through the education and upbringing of good and holy children, than any other thing she could accomplish outside her family. The most sublime and significant work of art she can make is to instill convictions in and form her children as good and honest men and women and Catholics to lead them to God. Well brought up children will be a great good for society and for the nations, and will constitute the agents of change to make a more Christian and better world, and finally will become citizens of Heaven. Could there be a more magnificent mission than this one?

Mothers: You must take your children to God.