Friday, September 23, 2016

While It Is Possible… And When It Is Not Possible Anymore… by Father Castellani

My friends, while there is still something to save; with calmness, peace, prudence, reflection, firmness, and imploring the divine light, we must do whatever we can to save it. When there is nothing to be saved, we still have our soul to save (…) It is quite possible that under pressure from the plagues that are falling on the world, and from that new falsification of Catholicism, the structure of Western Christianity will continue to undo in such a way that, for a true Christian, very soon there will be nothing left to do with respect to the public life. What we have to do now is stick to the central message of Christianity: flee the world, believe in Christ, do as much good as we can, detach ourselves from creatures, step away from false prophets, and remember death. To sum up, live our lives to testify to the Truth and wish for the coming of Christ. In the midst of this chaos, we have to work carefully toward our salvation (…) The first Christians did not dream of reforming the judicial system of the Roman Empire; they dreamed of being able to face the beasts with all their strength; and of contemplating with horror the monstrous power of the devil over men in the figure of the Emperor Nero.

(Father Castellani. A modo de Prólogo. Decíamos Ayer.)

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