Saturday, July 15, 2017

If This Is Not The End Of Times, Then It Must Be The Rehearsal!

In some countries things are more "advanced", and they try to lead us all in the same direction.
What crazy times we live in!
They want priests to get married, and married people to get divorced.
They want heterosexuals to live together without marriage, because love should be "free," and they want homosexuals to "get married."
They want women to dress like men, and men to dress like women.
They want to hail as "brave" those who come out of the closet, and they demonize as "intolerant" and "fascist" anyone who is proud of their heterosexuality.
They want to recognize the “right” for an adult male to believe and act as a little girl (and be protected as such) and at the same time they want to pervert children, from a very young age, by indoctrinating them with such things as Gender Ideology that deforms their sexuality.
They want to encourage sexuality of minors but they don’t want to increase birth rates or school dropouts because of pregnancies (that is why they have micro-abortives and abortions).
They want to protect the lives of animals and, at the same time, they allow a pregnant teenager to murder her child without their parents knowing.
They talk about the rights of children, but they deny them the right to have a father and a mother (with homosexual adoptions) or the most basic right to life, with the authorization of "legal" abortion.
They want to encourage free sex changes and abortions, even though there are no resources for free coverage of many serious illnesses or medical coverage for all the people, or when there is no adequate space in hospitals.
They want to exalt "freedom", in order to eliminate the conscientious objection of doctors and nurses who do not want to practice abortions, but they want to legally prevent a psychologist from trying to reverse the homosexual tendency in someone who asked them to do it.
They want to prohibit any sign or public religious cult, which they consider a violation to "secularism" and "disrespectful" to non-believers, but they want to allow, in the name of "freedom", people to commit sacrileges and to profane religious images and temples.
And all this without analyzing what happens inside the Church, which is besieged by fifth columnists who are trying to make a global masonic cult that includes all religions.
If this is not the end of times, then it must be the rehearsal!

Taken and enriched from a letter of Fr. Vila Verde

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