Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vision of Saint Teresa on the Consequences of Bad Confessions

A terrible vision of St. Teresa (to reflect on it).

The saint was in prayer, when she suddenly saw a deep abyss opening up before her eyes, all filled with fire and lit in vivid flames, where the miserable souls precipitated, as winter snowflakes. Amazed the saint looks up to the sky and exclaims:
- "My God, my God!, what does this mean? - Who are all these poor souls? Surely they are poor wretches, pagans, Turks, Jews. . . "
"No, Teresa," God answers. “Know that the souls you see now rushing into hell, by my permission, are all souls of Christians like you.”
"But surely they are souls of people who neither believed nor practiced religion, nor frequented the sacraments.”
"No, Teresa, no." All these souls are of Christians, baptized like you, who, as you, believed and practiced the Christian faith ..."
"But, surely, they never went to Confession, not even at the hour of death..."
- They are souls who did go to Confession and who confessed in the trance of death...
"How then, my God, are they condemned?”
- They are condemned because they confessed badly!... Go, Teresa, tell everyone what you saw and urge all bishops and priests to never get tired of preaching about the importance of Confession and against badly made confessions, so that my beloved Christians do not turn medicine into poison and harm themselves with this sacrament, which is the sacrament of mercy and forgiveness.

Taken from: "Confesss Well"