Saturday, September 23, 2017

Prayer for Mexico and for the Victims of the Earthquake

Sovereign Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Lady, who not being satisfied with having carried out the most ineffable prodigies in favor of the American continent, providing from the sky benefits to sanctify this nation, adopting it as yours, and leaving us, as an irrefragable testimony of your mercy, a pious copy of your beauty in that sacred image of Guadalupe, you want, however, to show us every day your tenderness, protecting the wretched who invoke you, helping their needs, protecting them in their dangers and being all their solace in their anguish: Our Lady, confident in that whoever seeks you from the heart, will not go away without having found the remedy to their needs, and knowing that you never fail to keep your promises, we dare to come to you, to ask that you obtain for us forgiveness of the many sins with which we have offended your Most Holy Son, and of our ingratitude toward you, so that, putting and end to the causes of the calamities that we suffer, the rigors with which Divine Justice punishes us cease: Sweet Virgin Mary, listen to your children, who, though unworthy of such a name, are your children because you chose us, so that we may be freed from earthquakes, with which the earth is manifesting to us that its Creator looks at it with anger; please cease also the diseases, and that the times, taking their regular course, facilitate the abundance of the fruits of the earth.

Obtain for us the grace of God, because with it all good things will surely come to us, we will attain your help in this life, and we will deserve to see the original of your sacred image, looking face to face to your Divine Father, Husband and Son.

-To implore Our Lady's protection in any need.

For in Guadalupe we find remedy to all afflictions.
Deliver us, O Sweet Mother! from the plague and earthquakes.

PRAYER: Lord, we pray for the fallen and the victims of the earthquake. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. And, we beseech you, Lord, to give us the conviction that it is necessary to live always in grace, and that we repent and confess all our sins to receive your forgiveness and mercy. Amen.

Taken from *PEQUEÑO DEVOCIONARIO GUADALUPANO*. Arranged by his Excellency Bishop FORTINO H. VERA, Bishop of Cuernavaca. With the recommendation of the Archbishop of Mexico -Rosepero María. February 9, 1899. Reprint: MCMXLVI Mexico. Blacksmith Brothers Successors. The last sentence is not contained in that work.