Saturday, December 23, 2017

What signal do you want to send?

«Women have a power. By the way we dress and by the way we behave, we can invite a man either to be a gentleman or an animal.

«Then, if a woman wants a man to appreciate her intelligence and personality, she will probably do better if she does not distract him with the piercing in her navel.

«The question I have to ask myself is: What do I really want? Is it more exciting to be truly loved by a man or to attract the gaping glances of many? For those who have the audacity to prefer a man's love, modesty is a tacit invitation to boys to be men enough to win our hearts. It is an invitation to them to consider that there is much more in us than just our bodies. That is why modesty is called the "guardian of love". Without having to say a single word, it sets the standard of respect.»

-Crystalina Evert

Source : La Dama Católica