Thursday, February 15, 2018

Faith is not a Buffet where You Can Choose Which Truths to Believe. Whosoever has True Faith Accepts Everything that God Revealed which is Guarded by His Church

  • The buffet "Catholics", are neither Catholics nor have faith, but mere personal opinions.
  • Faith must be integral or it is not faith.
  • Whoever has faith believes all that God revealed, not just the dogmas that he likes or agrees with.
  • There is no foundation more true and rational than the Truth that God left us, because God never lies since He is the Truth itself.
  • He who consciously and pertinaciously denies one or more dogmas of the Catholic faith is a formal heretic.
  • Such person would be in error and would not be a formal heretic if he does not deny it with pertinacity.
  • The formal heretic who denies a single truth of faith, does not believe in the others with true faith but as a simple personal opinion. Therefore, the heretic does not have faith.