Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Guardian Angel

Every child has an auxiliary, whose services no one hires, but are acquired by the child by birthright… I’m talking about the Guardian Angel.

The Guardian angel belongs to a special body within the angelic militia.

He is not a warrior angel – like the ones who, along with Saint Michael at the head, unleashed against Lucifer the first blitzkrieg of history – or the angel of justice – like the one who evicted our First Fathers from Paradise – or the messenger angel – like the one at the Annunciation – or all the other angels who, in both Testaments, after frightening man, would tell them: “Do not be afraid”, just to end up entrusting them with an extremely difficult and special mission…

The Guardian Angel is the angel attached to our destiny, our private secretary, or even better, our bodyguard angel, who knows perfectly well all the dangers of childhood. Babysitter and trapeze artists, teacher and firefighter, their activity is unlimited, as is child’s imagination.

Nobody but him knows how to respect childhood. Only he knows how to gallop at its side and how to get ahead of it when necessary… The Guardian Angel is alone in his divine task; alone, but with the best company, that is, the company of the children.

He accompanies that childhood until he becomes an adult and then he senesces. He is a guardian from the cradle to the grave that faithfully helps us.

He accompanies childhood until it transforms into adulthood, and, later on, into old age. He is a guardian from the cradle to the grave that faithfully helps us.


- Your Guardian Angel is another example of the love and kindness of God towards you.

- God allows your Guardian Angel to reach your imagination directly (without a word), raising images, memories, impressions that point you to the correct path to follow.
Your Guardian Angel can help you in the following ways:

He can, if you ask him, help you to pray better, not to get distracted, it may suggest purposes for improvement or ways to fulfill a good desire, he can help you in your apostolate, in dealing with people around you…

b) Give you, in addition, some MATERIAL HELP:
He can, if you ask him, help in the small necessities of daily life such as: not missing the bus, help you in an exam you have studied for, find something that you have lost, remember a forgotten issue that you need to keep in mind...

c) PROTECT you from the dangers of the soul.
Your Guardian Angel protects you from the tentations that can lead you into sin.

d) PROTECT you from the dangers of the body:
For example a stumble, a collision, an accident, an illness ... The Bible says: "For he hath given his angels charge over thee; to keep thee in all thy ways." (Ps 90,11).

e) Give you prudent advice. Call you to be good.

f) Cheer you up.

g) Comfort you.

h) Help you in everything that is good in your way of salvation.

- Finally, it is important to remember that angels do not have the power of God or His infinite wisdom. They can help you because God allows them.

Let us strive to be devoted and grateful to our Angel. Let's invoke him on our needs.