Monday, July 30, 2018

Dear Oxana Shachkó

Dear Oxana Shachkó

I heard about your death yesterday. In the face of this tragic episode, many will react in different ways. Your friends will cry, your enemies will rejoice, those who don’t care will ignore it. Being a co-founder of "Femen", even though you were not my direct enemy, you were still my enemy, since the enemies of God and the Catholic Church are my enemies.

However, I'm not happy about your death. I'm not happy that you took your own life. I am deeply sorry, since you were deceived by the devil and his henchmen. You never knew about the merciful love of God who receives the repentant sinner in his arms. You did not have the grace to see the Redeemer, He who said to the sinful woman: "I do not condemn you either, go now, and leave your life of sin". You did not feel in your own flesh the words of the God made man who told Saint Dismas, the Penitent Thief crucified on his right: "Truly I tell you: today you will be with me in paradise."

The devil taught you that "you are the owner of your body", and that therefore you have the right to abort your own child. He also taught you to ignore what science says when biology clearly states that the baby in your womb is not an organ of your body but an individual different from you. Satan also told you that abortion is a sign of modernity, since the most advanced countries practice it. But the devil did not explain to you that all those "developed" countries have the highest rate of suicides and depression, that Europe is being invaded by hostile cultures thanks to selfishness and individualism that lead people to avoid conception and children. The Evil One told you that you are equal to man and that therefore you can lead a promiscuous life like he does, that there is no difference between male and female. However, the devil did not tell you that we are not equal in everything (women can get pregnant, men cannot, women have XX chromosomes, men have XY chromosomes, women are more perceptive than men to details. Normally, men are physically stronger, and women have biological periods that men do not have to suffer, etc.). In short, the devil taught you many things, and the worst one was that he whispered in your ear that God does not exist, that there is only this life, that there is no paradise or hell, nor reward or punishment, that we are a set of molecules and death is the dissolution of them. Satan deceived you, dear Oxana, as he DECEIVES MANY MEN AND WOMEN, BECAUSE HE IS THE FATHER OF LIES AND DOES NOT SEEK OUR SALVATION BUT OUR ETERNAL DAMNATION.

I'm really very hurt by the decision you made to take your own life. Although I never met you personally, I mourn your death, because your life is worth the blood of Christ, who immolated himself on the cross seeking your eternal salvation. I would have liked to have been there to stop you, to tell you about that faith that you may never knew or that you rejected, but it's too late. I can only pray for your soul and ask God to have mercy on you.

I applaud the fact that at least you told the truth before you died. You said that feminism is "a fraud".

Women, let the death of this poor girl be useful. Do not be fooled by the lies and frauds of "Femen". Feminism does not dignify women, and here I am referring to that Bolshevik feminism represented in all those women wearing green scarves. The only thing that dignifies women is the love of God and respect for human nature. 

Woman, you are very worthy and you are a treasure for humanity. Do not ruin yourself with femibolchevism or trying to kill the unborn. You do not need one thing nor the other. If you are what you should be, that is, a woman, you will be respected and honored. If instead you pretend to be what you are not (a man with skirts), you will end up like Oxana, even if you do not commit suicide, because femibolchevism is a spiritual suicide.

Let us pray for the soul of Oxana, and pray that there will be no more victims of this demonic and absurd ideology.

In Christ and Most Holy Mary:

Father Tomás A. Beroch

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