Thursday, January 24, 2019

Catholics Only Give Worship of Latria to God

"But we, Catholics, never confuse the Creator with the creature, its irrevocable distinction is the dogma of our faith. We know and we teach and place within the reach of the humblest apprentice of the Catechism, that the proper adoration cult, which is called latria, is for God alone, that the cult to the saints and to the Blessed Virgin is only veneration, and therefore it has a different meaning and name. It is a foolish offensive - repeated with monotonous stubbornness by Protestant propaganda - that Catholics adore Mary as if she were God. And it is no less foolish to call us idolaters because we reverence images: it is a basic truth that in them we revere the person that they represent, not the stone or the stick or the canvas, as we uncover our head before the flag of our country and not before the cloth, and as we kiss the portrait of our mother, we kiss her and not the cardboard.”

ALFONSO JUNCO, Mexican Catholic historian and poet.

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