Monday, April 1, 2019

The Cowardice of Those Who Are Good

However, let us not exaggerate the difficulties of practicing what faith imposes on us to fulfill our duties and to exercise the fruitful apostolate of giving good example, which the Lord expects of each of us: unicuique mandavit de proximo sua. Difficulties come from those who create and exaggerate them, from those who trust in themselves without the help of heaven, from those who give in vilely, fearful of the mocking and derision of the world, for whom it must be concluded, that in our days more than ever the main strength of evil men is the cowardice and weakness of those who are good, and all the backbone of the kingdom of Satan lies in the weakness of Christians.
[Speech given by Pope Pius X on December 13, 1908 after reading the beatification decrees of Joan of Arc, John Eudes, Francisco de Capillas, Teophane Vénard and their companions.]

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