Sunday, May 19, 2019

Blessed Wounds

The most incredible thing of all is that it was not enough for Him to endure the worst sufferings and wounds, but that, after having risen, after having prevented His body from decaying, He kept in it His wounds and scars. And He appears with them before the angels, He considers them as an adornment and He rejoices in showing what tremendous suffering He has endured.

Of His body He did not keep anything else, because His body is spiritual, weightless and subtle, free of all corporal affliction; but He has not rejected His scars at all, He has not erased His wounds. On the contrary, He wanted to preserve them because of His love of man, because thanks to them He has been able to find the lost sheep, and with those wounds He has won over us.

What other love can be equal to that one? What object has been loved by man to that extreme? Has there ever been such a tender mother, or such an affectionate father? Or who has ever had such a great love that, in the name of that love, accepts to be wounded by the one he loves, and not only does he endures it, not only does he keep loving the ungrateful one, but he puts his wounds above all?