Monday, August 19, 2019

On Communion of Saints by Archbishop Luis María Martínez

"It is often assumed that those who do good to souls are either preachers, confessors or missionaries, because they are the ones who make noise and we tend to focus only on appearances.

But the reality is different. When a priest preaches, a soul is converted; but its conversion was due not so much to the preaching of the priest, but to the hidden sacrifice of a poor unknown soul that lives in a corner of the world!

The person that made the sacrifice doesn't even know what he or she did, and neither does the one that received the benefit. Only God in Heaven knows it, and, on the last day, we are going to discover the true history of souls.

We are going to be so surprised. Ah! This grace that I received was thanks to that unknown soul that is over there, and this other grace thanks to that one... and I didn't even know it! I thought I had received those graces thanks to the ministry of a priest. No, it was thanks to the sacrifices of those unknown souls.

So with our prayers, with our sacrifices, with our life on the Cross we can save souls and buy graces for them, many more perhaps than missionaries and apostles themselves."

Luis María Martínez +, Primate Archbishop of Mexico, “Espiritualidad de la Cruz”, p.p. 97.