Saturday, July 25, 2020


If I could give one single advice for my friends who are married it would be this: Be generous in having children. Children make us better human beings. What a child does for you, no other experience will do.

Traveling the world makes you successful and it is very rewarding, independence is nice. Still nothing will change you so permanently as a child does.

Forget about that story that children cost a lot of money. Children turn you into a conscious and economic consumer: you start buying your clothes in outlets instead of buying them in Calvin Klein, because after all it is only clothes. And your tennis shoes from last year are still good and comfortable, they can last 5 more years... you already have other priorities and only two feet.

You work heartily and with more dedication, after all there is a little being totally dependent on you, and that gives you a push that no other situation would give you. Children make us exceed all limits.

You start to worry about doing something for the world. Separate waste, community work, products that use less plastic. You are your child's example of being a good human being and nothing can be greater than that.

Food becomes important, it is no longer a good option to eat between meals chocolates with Coca-Cola, you offer your child a banana and water. You start to take more care of your health, you eat the vegetables that they leave on their plate. You plant vegetables in your garden to have fresh food.

You can stop drinking sodas even for weeks. A child gives you about 25 more years of life.

You believe in God more than ever and even learn how to pray. In your child's first illness, almost as an instinct you kneel down and ask God to take care of him. And so, your child teaches you how to have faith and gratitude as no priest is capable of teaching you. And you also learn that you must raise your children with deep convictions that allow them to be good people to one day come to God.

A child makes you a more prudent person: never again will you drive without your seatbelt on, risky drive, or drink and drive, for the simple fact that you cannot die (not so early) Who would raise and love your children in the same way you do if you die?! A child makes you want to be alive more than ever...

But if you still do not think that these reasons are worth it, let it be because of that indecipherable charm that sons and daughters have...

Have children to feel the smell of their hair always scented, to have the pleasure of feeling their little arms around your neck, to hear your name (now mom or dad) being said with that squeaky little voice.

Have children to see that smile and get that tight hug when you get home and feel that you are the most important person in the whole world for that little being.

Have children to get kissed with that breath that no Listerine can give. Have children to see in them your same smile and the walk of their dad, and understand the importance of having a part of you loose in the world. Have children to re-learn the delight of a bubble bath, of cold water in the heat, of running with your dog, of eating a mango without cleaning.

Fulfill the duty of fertility. Have children, knowing that very few things will teach you so much. Have children because you have a lot to learn from them.

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