Wednesday, August 19, 2020


By Carlos Esteban

She is a staunch supporter of induced abortion in all cases and in all terms.

INFOVATICANA. “Catholic” candidate Joe Biden has already chosen who is going to accompany him the to the White House as his vice president: the Democrat, also a candidate for the nomination in the Democratic primaries, Kamala Harris, an unconditional ally of the abortion multinational, Planned Parenthood.

Biden often uses his status of practicing "Catholic" in his electoral campaigns, although he is an advocate of abortion, homosexual marriage and whatever the platform of the Democratic Party submits to him, which does not prevent many "Catholic" publications, drawing on the doctrine of the 'seamless robe' formulated by the late Cardinal Bernardin, to make an ill-concealed campaign for him.

It is very likely that it was the party that “suggested” Harris's presence and, on the other hand, that the figure of the vice president - a normally almost ornamental position - becomes essential, since she has all the ballots to 'inherit' the most powerful judiciary on the planet.

And that's the problem, because Harris is hostile to religious freedom and an abortion fanatic. While she was Attorney General of California, Harris came to defend Planned Parenthood with all her might when the abortion giant was accused - with video recordings that do not allow the slightest trace of doubt - of selling to laboratories at a very good price tissues of aborted fetuses. Instead of investigating Planned Parenthood for this outrageous trafficking, Harris announced that she would investigate those responsible for the recordings and, therefore, of the scandalous discovery, the journalists of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), even ordering an immediate and exhaustive search of the home of CMP head David Daleiden, whilst accepting huge donations from Planned Parenthood for his Senate campaign.

A campaign, by the way, during which she boasted of forcing companies owned by religious people and pro-life centers to violate their consciences. What better partner for 'Catholic' Biden?