Tuesday, September 15, 2020



 Does how I dress make a difference in how a guy treats me? 

Absolutely. Men can tell how much a woman respects herself by how she dresses. If her sexual value is the first impression she gives to a man, she’ll be more likely to encounter the type of guys who want to use her body. They might say or do whatever is necessary to get access to it. But after she gives in, they often lose respect for her, get bored, and leave. Meanwhile, she’s left thinking, “Maybe if I had been skinnier, or had done more with him sexually, he would have liked me more and stayed longer.” No, but he may have used her longer… 

 Modesty is a bold statement of your worth because it invites men to consider something deeper about you. It tells a guy that he can take you seriously as a woman, because you don’t need to make boys gawk at you in order to feel secure. I’ll grant that guys will stare at a girl who wears a short skirt that could be mistaken for a wide belt. But none of them respect her more because of it. As a woman, do you long to be gawked at or to be loved? 

 If your heart is saying, “Is this too short?” or “Is this too tight?” listen to that intuition because it has answered your question. Stand in front of a mirror and ask, “What am I drawing attention to with this outfit?” Is this outfit saying that the best thing about me is my body, or does it announce that I’m worth waiting to see?” 

 Modesty does not mean looking unattractive or covering every inch of your body as if it’s bad or dirty. Like a bride wearing a veil, clothing conceals a woman’s body as an invitation of respect. Your body is a tabernacle for life and a temple of the Holy Spirit, not a collection of body parts. But if you don’t realize this about yourself, how will a man? 

 - Jason Evert, Pure Love Taken from La Dama Católica https://www.facebook.com/damacatolica/

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