Monday, January 3, 2022


 Our Father who art in heaven, owner of Truth, time and eternity: Yours is today and tomorrow, the past and the future. At the end of the year 2021, on behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank You, for all that we received from You.

 Thank You for the family You gave me, for life and love, air and sun, for joy and pain, for everything that was possible and for what could not be. 

 Thank You for welcoming us into Your true Church. We offer You everything we did this year that is ending. The work we were able to do, the things that passed through our hands, and all the positive things we were able to build with them. 

 Also, Lord, today we want to ask Your forgiveness. 

 Forgiveness for our sins, for the evil we have caused, for all the wasted time, wasted money, for the omissions, for the useless words we said and all the love we wasted. Forgiveness for the empty and negligent work. 

Forgiveness for living without enthusiasm. Also, for the prayers that we postponed until now that we are thanking You for all that You have given us. 

 For all our forgetfulness, carelessness and silences. Again, we ask Your forgiveness, Lord. We will start a new year and we will stop our life before the new calendar still unused. We present to You these 365 days. If we do not get to the end of them... help us to die in Your sanctifying grace, after having gone -sincerely contrite- to the tribunal of Confession. 

 Today we ask You for each one of us: peace and joy, strength and prudence, charity and wisdom, the commitment to be faithful to You and always live in Your Grace, because only in Your Grace we can walk the path safely. Only the fool does not understand this, so we ask You to remove any blindfold that prevents us from seeing our foolishness. 

 Lord, help us to be zealous of Your glory and the glory of your Church, and to live only for You, in You and by You. 

 We want to live each day with optimism and kindness, carrying everywhere a heart full of understanding and peace that always seeks the Truth of your Word. Let nothing tear us away from it, because Your faith is our greatest treasure.

 Close our ears to all slander, to the false doctrines against Your Word. And our lips, to lying, selfish, biting or hurtful words. Instead, open our being to all that is good. 

 May our spirit be filled only with blessings, and may we pour them along our way. Fill us with goodness and joy, so that those who live with us, or those who cross our path, find in our lives a little bit of YOU. 

 Thank you, Lord, for everything, and forgive our debts to You. Guide us all along the narrow path that will allow us one day to enter through the narrow door and be in Your eternal lap to bless You forever and ever. If for this it is necessary that You use Your right hand to shake us, in advance we accept any pain and sorrow no matter how difficult they may be. 

 Give us a happy 2022 and teach us to love You by always living in Your grace, and to follow You with loyalty. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings of the past year, as well as for those that You will pour out this year that is beginning. 

 Blessed Virgin Mary, I entrust my entire family to your Immaculate Heart. Amen.

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