Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Oh, what priceless jewels of grace, and virtue! Oh, what excellent gifts does not the holy Mass obtain for us! In the first place, it obtains for us all the spiritual graces and all the goods needful for the soul; as, for example, true sorrow and repentance for sins, victory over temptations, no matter whence they come, whether from evil associations with bad companions, or from the internal promptings of our own rebellious nature. Yes, the holy Mass obtains for us all those aids of grace which we need in order to be able to arise from the slough of sin, to stand erect, and walk onward in the ways of God. It likewise obtains for us innumerable holy inspirations and internal impulses, which dispose us to skake off tepidity, and stimulate us to work out our salvation with a fervour more ardent, with will more prompt, and intention purer and more meritorious. All these aids are accompanied by an inestimable treasure; and, indeed, they are the most efficacious means of obtaining from God the grace of final perseverance, and also a moral certainty of eternal beatitude in the life to come, so far as that certainty is vouchsafed to man during his mortal pilgrimage. 

Saint Leonard of Port Maurice – The Hidden Treasure of the Holy Sacrifice of the Holy Mass