Sunday, December 27, 2015


Listen to Jesus and talk to Him

It is not necessary, my child, to know much in order to please Me; all that is needed is that you love Me with great fervor. Speak with Me, like you would with your most intimate friends, like you would with your mother or brothers. 

Do you need to ask a favor on someone’s behalf? Tell Me his name. Could it be your parents, your brothers, or your friends? Tell Me what you would want Me to do at the present time for them. Ask for much, very much; do not hesitate to ask; I like generous hearts that forget themselves in order to alleviate the needs of others. Speak to Me then, with simplicity, of all the poor whom you would like to console; of the sick whom you see suffer; of those who have gone astray whom you wish to see on the right path again; of your friends who are far away and whom you would like to see at your side again. Talk to Me, but like a friend, trusting with all your heart. 

Remind Me that I have promised to hear every request that comes from the heart; and should not the plea and requesting favor for those whom your heart most especially loves come from your own heart?

And for you, do you need any graces? Make Me a list, if you wish, of all your needs and come read it in my presence. Tell Me frankly that you are proud, love sensuality and luxuries. Perhaps you are selfish, inconstant, and negligent. . . Then ask Me to come in help of the efforts, few or many, that you make to get rid of such miseries. Do not be embarrassed. Oh! My poor soul! There are many saints and pious souls who hold the highest rank in Heaven and that had the same faults! But they prayed with humility and, little by little, they were freed of their faults. Do not hesitate to ask for spiritual and corporal goods; good health, success in your works, business or studies. I can give you all that, and I will give you everything that is good for you, providing it will not hinder but help your sanctification. What can I do for you today? What do you need? If you only knew how much I desire to grant you these favors! Do you have a project on hand right now? Tell Me every detail. What worries you? What are you thinking of? What do you desire? What do you want Me to do for your brothers or sisters, your friends or superiors? What do you wish for them?

And for Me? Do you not feel a desire for my glory? Do you not wish you could do something good for your neighbors, your friends, those whom you love very much that have perhaps forgotten Me? Tell Me, what particular thing holds your attention today? What do you long for and with what means do you wish to attain it? Tell Me what went wrong with your projects, and I will tell you the cause of your failure. Do you not want to trust Me with something in your favor? My child, I am the owner of all hearts and I gently take them where it pleases Me without prejudice of their liberty. 

Are you feeling sad or in bad humor? Confide, confide in Me disconsolate soul, with all your unhappiness and with all its details. Who hurt you? Who hurt your pride? Who has despised you? Come to My heart, which has effective balm to cure all those wounds of yours. Tell Me everything. In the end, you will find, that because of Me, you can forgive and forget everything, and in return, I will bless and console you. Do you dread something painful? Is there in your soul a vague fear, which seems unreasonable, and yet torments you? Cast yourself in the arms of My loving providence. I am with you; here, you have Me by your side. I see and hear everything. Not for one moment will I abandon you.

Do you feel ignored by persons whom you loved, and have now forgotten you and gone from your side without the least motive? Pray for them and I will return them to your side, only if they are not an obstacle to your sanctification. Do you not perhaps have some good news you wish to share with Me? Tell Me, what consoled you or brought joy to your heart since the last visit we had yesterday? Perhaps you had a nice surprise; maybe an old grudge has disappeared or perhaps you received happy news, a letter, or a sign of love. Have you overcome a difficulty or a sudden predicament? It has all been My work and I have made it possible. Manifest your gratitude for everything and simply tell Me like a child would tell its father “Thank you, my Father, thank you.” Gratitude brings blessings because He who gives likes to be reciprocated. 

Do you have a promise to offer Me? You know, I can read what is deep in your heart. Man can be fooled very easily, but not God. Speak to me with all sincerity. Have you firmly resolved not to expose yourself to that occasion that causes you to sin, and deprive yourself of that object which has harmed you? To not continue reading that book which has excited your imagination? Or to discontinue the relationship with that person who has robbed your soul of peace? Will you be kind, amiable and considerate again towards the people whom you have seen as your enemies because they failed you? Now then, My child, return to your habitual occupation, to your workshops, to your family, to your studies, but do not forget the fifteen minutes of pleasing conversation the two of us have had here in the solitude of the sanctuary. Observe silence, modesty, concentration of thought, resignation, and charity towards your neighbor. Love and honor My Mother, who is also your Mother. Return tomorrow with a more loving and surrendering heart. Each day you will find in My heart new love, new blessings and new consolations.

(It is recommended to read this, preferably, before the tabernacle or when in need of talking with Jesus about our worries and hardships. The aforementioned text is known as “Fifteen Minutes with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament”.)

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Source of information: Blog CATOLICIDAD Translated from Spanish by: Fabiola Lozano.