Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meditation on the wounds of Christ

I.                    To love Jesus Christ you need only look at the sacred wounds in His feet, hands and adorable side. How could I not love you, O Sweet Jesus, when I see everything You suffered for me? You saved me from Hell by shedding all your blood; You gave me all the merits of your Holy Passion. Let us enter, O my soul, into the Heart of Jesus through the wound in his side; let us talk to Him and listen to what He tells us. Through His wounds, I can see the secrets of His heart.

II.                  Are you tempted by desperation in light of the sins you have committed and the difficulties you encounter on the way to Heaven? Are you prone to pride, lust or any other sin? Take refuge inside the loving wound in Jesus’ side; listen to Him saying: “How could I desire your death, my son, if I died for you? And would you want to offend Me after all the good that I have done for you? If my Father has so severely punished in Me Adam’s sin, would He forgive you if you offend Him?”

III.                Are you afflicted, overwhelmed by sorrow, loaded down with opprobrium, without support and consolation? Take refuge in the Heart of Jesus. In there you will find a safe haven; a consoler and a friend. Confide Him your sorrows, your heartaches, your concerns; tell Him all your sufferings, but, in turn, listen to Him when He tells you about His. He stretches His arms in the cross to embrace you, He opens His Heart to welcome you inside.

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