Thursday, March 10, 2016

There is nothing more pernicious than following the maxims of the world

There are two ways to get to heaven: innocence or penance

It will always be true that we are on this world for one reason only and that is to serve, love and please God; that our sole interest while we are here is to save our souls; that the path that leads to Hell is wide, and that there are many who follow it, whereas the path that goes to Heaven is narrow. That the world is the enemy of Christ and that there is nothing more pernicious than following the maxims of the world. It will always be true that an easy and pleasant life cannot be a Christian one; that it is not possible to be a disciple of Christ unless we lead a crucified life. That charity, humility, mortification and orderly habits constitute Christian character. That sin is the greatest of all evils and, properly speaking, it is the only evil. That crosses and hardships are treasures for those who know how to benefit from them; that all our happiness consists in being in a state of grace, and that our greatest misfortune would be to die in God’s disgrace. That there is a Hell, where all the power of God is used to light an eternal fire to punish sinners eternally, and that there is no other way to go to Heaven than innocence or penance.

Source: “Christian Year or Devout Exercises for Each Day of the Year”, Fr. Jean Croisset, Volume: February, 1851.

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