Friday, June 24, 2016

Manly Chastity

It is extremely rare to find a woman who despises a man who wants to protect the innocence of a relationship. To prove the latter, I made the following question to one thousand girls: “If you were going too far with a boy and he gave you a kiss on your forehead and told you: ‘I think we should take it easy. I respect you too much to continue doing these things with you, and I want to fall in love with you for the right reasons’, would you find it attractive or not?

Almost one hundred percent of the girls – 995 – answered that they would find the boy even more attractive. One of the girls said: “that would mean he is thinking about the two of us and not just about himself.”

For both genders.
I made one last question to these same girls: “Some guys believe that being a virgin is embarrassing. How would you feel if a guy kept his virginity for you, who, in the future, will become his wife?” Once again, the answers overwhelmingly demonstrated the attractiveness of purity. Here are some of the answers provided:

- “He would be the kind of guy I would have to win before all the other billions of girls did it.”
- “Stop worrying about what people say. It means so much if you wait!”
- “That is passionate!”
- “It is ok to be a virgin. Actually most of the girls prefer it that way.”
- “It is very difficult for a guy to keep his virginity, and I love guys like that, who are not influenced by what other people think.”
- “He would be more manly than most of the other guys.”
- “They should not be embarrassed. I am not.”
- “His wife will be very lucky.”
- “Thank God for guys like them.”
- “There are many girls, like myself, who think it is silly when a guy is afraid of being a virgin. He should be proud of it!”
- “I would feel like a princess because that is the way I want to feel on my wedding night.”
- “I would love him even more!”
- “That is the most beautiful gift a man can give to his wife. It is the essence of being a man summed up in one single decision. He has promised her his whole being, including his body.”
- “Impressive! I would not feel I am with all his previous girlfriends.”
- “He will be able to respect you more if he respects himself.”

(J. Evert – Pure Manhood)