Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Remedy… Do Not Delay It. Later May Be Too Late

Just as water is necessary to wash the stains away, Confession is necessary to wash away and remove sins. God Himself established it, and since He deemed it convenient, we must obey Him. Moreover, is there any other remedy that is easier than the one God gave us? Let’s say, for example, that for every sin God had ordered us to give alms, how many people would find that oppressive or even impossible to comply with? Or, what if God had ordered us to fast instead of going to Confession? How many would not be able to or would not want to do it? What would happen if He had ordered us to make a long pilgrimage? How many, even with the best will, would be unable to make it? But that is not the case. For a sin to be forgiven, it is enough to make a Confession with one of His ministers (that the sinner can choose freely and secretly) with true repentance and purpose of amendment, regardless of the kind of sin or the number of times it was committed. If civil and human laws did the same, and in order to obtain forgiveness a person needed only to go to the judge and confess his crime, would there be prisons?

Confess well and frequently, every time you have the need to. Regular Confession is the way to salvation.