Thursday, July 21, 2016

If You Do Not Know What To Do

It is our Redeemer, who watches over us; He is more than a brother, more than a friend. He is the doctor of our souls. He chose to be our Redeemer of His own volition. He came “to save the world from its sins”, to cure our spiritual aches, to bring us “life and have it more abundantly”, to “cast fire on the earth”. His mission is to save us; and He finds joy in the success of that mission. Could it be possible for Him not to be interested in us? His arduous life full of humiliations, His wounded body, His soul full of pain, the altar and Calvary, everything shows us that He has done all these things out of the madness of love He feels for us. The price He had to pay for us was very high! How could He not love us? Who else can we trust besides this Sweet Savior, without whom we would be completely lost? Furthermore, is He not the husband of our souls? Unselfish, loving and merciful to each and every one of us. He has a marked predilection for those souls who have left everything in order to adhere to Him. He is pleased when He sees them near His tabernacle and when He lives with them in the sweetest intimacy.

He has loved the world to the extent of dying for us, and dying on a cross! What will He deny to us? He knows better than us what our souls and bodies need; He wants us to pray to Him, the only thing that He will reproach us is the fact that we did not pray enough, and He will not give a stone to His children who asked for bread. If He has to be severe to prevent us from running toward our perdition, He acts with His heart; and as soon as He dims it fit, He will wipe away our tears and pour balm on our wounds. Let us believe in God’s love and never doubt of the merciful heart of Jesus Christ that burns with love for us.

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