Saturday, December 3, 2016

French Government Against Freedom of Expression: Its Intention is to Ban Pro-Life Websites in France


Bishop Pontier asks Hollande not to approve law that seeks to close pro-life websites in France.

The French government has decided to accelerate the process of approval of a bill, which seeks to outlaw websites aimed at convincing women not to abort voluntarily. The French Episcopal Conference, through its president, Archbishop Georges Pontier, requests such measure not to be approved.

(InfoCatólica) Monsignor Pontier has written a letter to President Hollande in which he asks that this law, which would endanger pro-life movement in France, not to be approved.

The archbishop of Marseilles warned the ruler that "abortion, whether we like it or not, remains a serious and weighty act that deeply questions the conscience", and that causes many women to have the "need to speak, to seek advice" before taking a "dramatic decision that will mark their whole life."

After recalling that there is no longer a week of reflection before an abortion, which was previously required by French law, Bishop Pontier explained to Hollande that pro-life associations in France "have decided to dedicate their time, especially through digital instruments, to listen to women who are hesitant”, and who are faced with the choice of aborting or not. The success of these organizations, says the French prelate, is also seen in the fact that many of the women who have aborted come to them seeking psychological help.

Mgr. Pontier asked President Hollande where "freedom of expression on the Internet would be. An even more serious limitation since it affects issues of freedom of conscience. This seems to be a very serious violation of the principles of democracy."

The President of Marseille asked the President of the French Republic for the law to be at least subject of a parliamentary debate as wide as that which took place on euthanasia.

Letter from Archbishop Pontier to President Hollande (in French)

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