Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Seeking the Truth in Everything: A Virtue of Exquisite Souls

The revealed truth is believed because we have a motive of infallible credibility: the certainty that God does not lie. But there are other truths.

Seeking the TRUTH in everything is a grace that few get to acquire. It is a quality of wise people (understanding wisdom not as a set of knowledge) very difficult to find today. 

Whoever does not have it can acquire it, but whoever loses it guiltily will hardly recover it and become a slave and believer of their own lies or those of others, particularly when they are close to him by affection or ideology.

Those who seek the truth by starting from a pre-established conclusion that for some reason (whatever it is) they like, and then search for all the prepositions or premises that allow them to reach that pre-established conclusion lie to themselves. Regardless of whether or not these premises are true, everything is good to confirm what they think!

Those who seek the truth sincerely know that it is concluded from certain premises and seeks them with honesty, and knows that we do not start from the conclusion and then look for the premises. On the other hand, those who to deceive close their ears to any premise that contradicts their prefabricated conclusion.

Let's look for the TRUTH in everything. Let us ask God to always have that disposition of spirit so as not to be slaves of our passions and pride. Christ said that those who abide in His Word will know the Truth and will be free. If we earnestly look for the truth in everything, it will make us truly free.

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