Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Sin of Calumny

Do not believe anything you are not completely sure it is true. Calumny is a grave sin against the Law of God and against the good reputation of our neighbor. Those who commit this sin are obliged to repair the harm caused, but since calumnies tend to spread like wildfire, it is very difficult to fully repair the damage. How many souls have to purge this sin before seeing God, and how many others are eternally condemned for not having repented of the calumnies they spread!

On many occasions, over time, the falsity of the calumny is proved and it becomes like thrown mud: the sun rises, and the mud dries and falls. What remains is the terrible fame and reputation of those who maliciously uttered them. Spreading them is an evil and a vile act. A true Catholic will never use a mean so vile and contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, his Master, who preached that the love between Catholics was the genuine hallmark of His true Apostles.

For the love of God and of their neighbor, Christians should never fabricate calumnies, nor take for granted or spread assumptions –rash judgments- against third parties. Neither believe nor repeat the things that others say without even knowing if they are true. The calumniator always has a fertile imagination, let us not fall into their traps. If it is a grave sin to spread, without necessity, the sins and flaws of our neighbor, imagine how grave it is to spread calumnies. We must repair the harm we caused with tlhem if we want to be forgiven by God.