Monday, June 24, 2019

Catholics Must Not Be Dumb Dogs, but Brave Guardians

Let's be like stones that cry out against lukewarmness and coward silences. As Saint Anthony Mary Claret said:

"Ah, my Mother, I cannot still my voice on such occasions. No, I shall not be silent, even if I knewi meant that I should be cut to pieces. I shall shout, cry out, lift up my voice to heaven and earth to remedy so great an evil. I shall not be silent, and when my voice is hoarse or mute from all my crying I shall lift up my hands to heaven, make my hair stand on end, and stamp my feet upon the ground tom up for my lack of speech... Perhaps you will say that they, sick madmen that they are, will not listen to the one who wishes to heal them and would rather despise me and persecute me to the death. It matters not".