Monday, July 1, 2019

"...God Alone is Enough"

Let nothing upset you,
Let nothing deter you,
Everything passes,
God never changes.

Empowers everything;
Who has God lacks nothing:
God alone is enough.

Raise your thought,
Toward heaven,
Let nothing distress you,
Let nothing upset you.

Follow Jesus Christ
With stout heart,
And come what may,
Let nothing deter you.

Do you see the glory of the world?
It is an empty show;
Nothing is stable,
Everything passes.
Aspire for the heavenly,
Which lasts forever;

Faithful and rich in promises
God never changes.
Love it as much as it deserves,
The immense good;
But no love is solid
Without patience.

Let trust and lively faith
Keep your soul,
Whoever believes and hopes
Reaches all.
Harassed from hell,
Who has God,
Although he sees it,
Mocks its fury.

Desertions may befall him,
Crosses, misfortunes;
God being his treasure,
Nothing is amiss.
Go, then, goods of the world;
Go, such vanities,
Although everything may be lost,
God alone is enough.

Saint Teresa of Avila