Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Let us consider, besides, that infants also gain our affections because we consider them innocent: but all other infants are born with the infection oforiginal sin; Jesus was born an infant, but He was born holy innocent, unpolluted. My beloved, says the holy  spouse, is all ruddy with love, and all white with innocence, without a spot of any sin; chosen out of thousands. In this Infant did the eternal Father find his delight, because, as St. Gregory says, "in him alone he found no fault." Let us miserable sinners comfort ourselves, because this divine Infant has come down from heaven to communicate his innocence to us by means of his Passion. His merits, if we only know how to apply them to ourselves, can change us from sinners into innocents and saints: in these merits let us place all our confidence; through them let us continually ask for graces from the eternal Father, and we shall obtain everything."

Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori
Meditations for Advent and Christmas