Wednesday, April 22, 2020


"Let the little children come to me," tenderly said one day Jesus Christ to the Apostles. With similar words, somewhat modified, I will close this text: Let the children that God sends come into the world.

We all know about the killing of innocent children ordered by Herod. What cries of anguish must have uttered the lips of their mothers! How desperately they would try to defend their children from Herod's assassins! What great compassion we feel for these poor mothers!

But the current world seems to have upset everything. The perversion of ideas has poisoned mothers, not only so that they do not defend their children, but so that they themselves go in search of the executioner, and pay money to kill them. Can there be greater perversion and evil?

Undoubtedly, every sin must have its punishment, even in this life. Because whoever commits the sin of abortion and does not repent and does not do penance, has two punishments already on this earth, both horrendous: either the conscience is awakened and then they feel terrible remorse for what they have done, a remorse that does not allow them to rest even while they are asleep — even having nightmares about aborted children—, or their conscience dies —along with the aborted son—, and they fall into such stupefaction that hardly any trait of tenderness and compassion remains. Neither in the first nor in the second case can one speak of having had a happy married life; there is nothing but bitterness and emptiness. Experience shows this with sad examples known to all.

Let us finish this text by begging our Lord Jesus Christ to obtain for us the grace of having happy marriages, that love children”.

Bishop Tihamér Tóth
📖 The Christian Marriage.
Taken from: The Catholic Lady.


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