Saturday, February 27, 2021


Bees have a stinger, like the tip of an arrow. When a human or animal is bitten, the stinger enters the skin and does not come out, because the stinger stays inside the "victim". When they try to fly away, part of the bees' gut ends up being ripped out. They will die shortly after as a result of this mutilation. The attack may harm the victim a bit, but it costs the bee its life. (Obviously in the case of bees, this is because of their instinct).

 But with human beings something similar happens: those who live trying to attack people through gossip, slander and intrigue; distilling hatred, resentment... they may momentarily annoy their "victim", but they always end up being victims of their own evil. 

 There is no happiness in those who live like this... They are unhappy beings. 

 Therefore, live your life doing good, as God asks you, no matter to whom, and never give up. Do not give up your goals and duties because of people who enjoy meddling in the lives of others, trying to harm others; they always end up badly, victims of their own poison.