Thursday, May 13, 2021


Amado Nervo 

 Very close to my sundown,
 I bless you, life,
 because you never 
gave me false hope,
 nor unjust work, 
 nor undeserved punishment. 

 Because I see at the end
 of my rough path
 that I was the architect 
 of my own destiny.

 If I extracted the sweetness
 or bitterness of things, 
 it was because I put
 bitterness and sweetness into them.
 When I planted rose bushes, 
 I always reaped roses. 

 Surely, winter will follow
 my vim and vigor,
 but you never told me 
 that May would last forever!

 I found without a doubt
 the nights long with my sorrows;
 but you didn't promise me 
 just good nights; 
and instead I had
 some blessed and serene ones…

 I loved, I was loved, 
 the sun caressed my face. 
Life, you owe me nothing!
 Life, we are at peace! 

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