Monday, December 13, 2021


Lend me, Mother, your thoughts, and illuminate my mind with the light of your wisdom. 
 Lend me, Mother, your eyes, to look with them, because if I look through them, I will never sin again. 
 Lend me, Mother, your lips, so that I can pray with them, because if I pray with them, Jesus will be able to hear me. 
 Lend me, Mother, your tongue, to be able to receive Communion, for it is your tongue paten of love and holiness. 
 Lend me, Mother, your hands, so that I can work, so that work will yield a thousand times more. 
 Lend me, Mother, your mantle, to cover my wickedness, because covered with your mantle I must reach Heaven. 
 Lend me, Mother, your Son, so that I can love Him, if You give me Jesus, what more can I wish for? And that will be my happiness for all eternity.