Sunday, May 21, 2023


“The best proof of love is being able to suffer for the one you love, with diligence and good spirits. Selfishness, non-love, or love only oriented towards oneself, is just the proof of the opposite. Only a child is pending, and dependent, on the love that those who love him pour out on him. We are adults only when we give up the whims of childhood and learn to suffer self-denial. Then we begin to mature, to be responsible. Not to demand only "rights" and learn to face duties. Love is always going out of oneself. Love is always diffusive, it tends to give itself. Love is not a "feeling" or a "state of mind", it is not always feeling "happy". That is cheesy, superficial and whimsical. This is always another of the disguises of selfishness. Love is wishing, and doing, what is good for the one you love. To want the good of the one you love. What is good for the beloved is not always what pleases the latter, although sometimes the two things can coincide. Therefore, to love well, it is first necessary to know what is good, and then to have the courage to renounce oneself, if necessary, (it is always necessary) to achieve it. The failures of love, today, are the triumphs of selfishness. The victories of love are always accompanied by the defeat of love for oneself. There is no love without that tear.”

Carlos Pérez Agüero