Wednesday, May 24, 2023


For centuries before 1970, this was the way the Mass was celebrated around the world, the same Mass that fed the souls of saints and sinners for centuries.  The priest standing in front of the altar with the people, offering a sacrifice to God, present in the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the tabernacle.  With the exception of the sermon to the people, the Mass was sung, sung, or spoken entirely in Latin.

 ⚜️ This is the Mass where Saint Joseph Cupertino was seen levitating.

 ⚜️ This is the Mass that Saint Gregory the Great inherited, developed and solidified.

 ⚜️This is the Mass that Saint Thomas Aquinas celebrated, wrote with love and to which he contributed (he composed his own Mass and the Office for the Corpus Christi feast).

 ⚜️This is the mass that Saint Louis IX, the King of France, attended three times a day.

 ⚜️This is the Mass that Saint Philip Neri had to distract himself from before celebrating it, because he very easily sent him into an ecstasy that lasted for hours.

  ⚜️This is the Mass that was celebrated for the first time on the shores of America by Spanish and French missionaries, such as the North American Martyrs.

 ⚜️This is the Mass that priests said in secret in England and Ireland during the dark days of persecution, and this is the Mass that Blessed Miguel Pro Juárez risked his life to celebrate before he was captured and martyred by the government. Mexican.

 ⚜️This is the Mass that Blessed John Henry Newman said he would celebrate every waking moment of his life if he could.

 ⚜️This is the Mass that Fr. Frederick Faber called "the most beautiful thing on this side of heaven".

 ⚜️This is the Mass that great artists like Evelyn Waugh, David Jones and Graham Greene loved so much that they mourned its loss with pain and alarm.

 ⚜️This is the Mass so respected that even non-Catholics like Agatha Christie and Iris Murdoch came to its defense in the 1970s.

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