Saturday, October 29, 2016

Should We Pay Tribute to a Reprobate?

Luther did not seek to reform the Church – divinely founded – but to destroy it through the creation of his human establishment made according to his liking and convenience. He was not a reformer but a deformer.

If we celebrate Luther’s rebellion against the Church of Christ and the revealed doctrine, then following the same logic we should also celebrate the rebellion of Lucifer and its daemons against God.

If Luther, the heresiarch, blasphemed in a thousand ways, as when he said: “the Catholic Mass is the greatest and most horrible abomination of the Popes,” Lucifer shouted: “Non serviam” (I will not serve) talking about God made man.

Both rebellions had in common PRIDE. That is why, according to the vision of Sister Maria Serafina Micheli*, both of them are in Hell. And to celebrate Luther means to pay homage to a reprobate.

*NOTE: (To read click here): Sister Maria Serafina Micheli