Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Holy Guardian Angels

Meditation on the Guardian Angels

I. Admire God’s goodness, which has given you a prince of His court to watch over your behavior. Your Guardian Angel stays by your side day and night; he defends you against the devil and temptations; inspires you holy thoughts; takes you away from evil; intercedes for you before God. Thank God for the goodness he shows toward you by giving you such a faithful and benevolent guide, and see in this a proof of the love He has for your soul. Thank your Guardian Angel for all the things he does for you; and ask him to continue doing them until your death.

II. Have deep reverence for your angel and show it to him every day with a prayer. Do not mistreat or scandalize anyone; remember the Word of God which forbids you to scandalize the little ones, because their angels can always see their Father’s face. These angels will revenge the harm you inflicted on those who are under their care. If you desire to convert a sinner, ask for help to their Guardian Angel. Honor your Guardian Angel. Do not do anything in their presence that you would not do in anyone else’s presence. (Saint Bernard).

III. Think of your Guardian Angel as the best friend you have in this world. He is faithful, and will not abandon you in your time of need. He is infinitely illuminated; seek advice from him when you are in doubt: he will not deceive you. He is powerful and can help you: he has more power, more intelligence and more strength than the men you put trust in. Listen to his inspirations. If you only had a little faith, you would not be afraid of anything, knowing that your angel is with you.

O God, who by your ineffable Providence has deigned to send your holy angels to guard us, grant us the grace of being sustained by their protection, and the joy of keeping them company through all eternity. By Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.