Thursday, November 24, 2016

Christ Enthroned King in Poland By Religious and Civil Authorities

President Andrzej Duda and multiple members of the Executive and the ruling party Law and Justice attended the ceremony this past weekend.

Jesus Christ has become King of Poland, and has done so with the approval of the President, Andrzej Duda, who attended this weekend the ceremony of enthronement accompanied by several members of the Executive and deputies of the ruling party Law and Justice.

This is not the first time that Jesus has been granted the throne of Poland, since in previous occasions (the most recent ones in Jasna Góra, 1997, and Sagiewnikim, in 2000) similar ceremonies took place, although the President had never attended them before.

Polish President (at the front left) next to his mother (right) during the ceremony. (President’s Facebook picture).

Around 6,000 faithful attended the Enthronement Mass, according to local media, which was held at the Sanctuary of Lagiewniki, near Krakow, who fulfilled their longing to see Jesus Christ on the
Polish throne, seven months after the Catholic hierarchy approved of the enthronement.

In addition to Duda, linked to the ruling party Law and Justice, who presided over the act accompanied by his mother, Jadwiga, were also present the ministers of Justice and Environment, Zbigniew Ziobro and Jan Szyszko, as well as many deputies of this assemble.

The presence in the ceremony of high representatives of Law and Justice demonstrates the closeness between the Catholic Church and the government of this party, which has never denied its identification with the postulates of Catholicism.

There are many examples of the weight of Catholic values in the Polish high politics, the last one being the struggle that Law and Justice maintains to achieve the restriction of abortion.

The government's relationship is particularly close with the more conservative sectors of the Polish Church, including the controversial Redemptorist priest Tadeusz Rydyk, founder of the Radio Maryja network, Trwam Television and the Torun University of Social and Media Sciences (located in the center of Poland).

Manifestation to Proclaim Jesus King

In March 2010, several thousand people demonstrated in Warsaw with crosses, banners and national flags to request a joint declaration between the State and the Church to name Jesus Christ honorary king of Poland.

Before that, in 2006, 46 Polish MPs (10% of the chamber), including members of Law and Justice, raised a bill to proclaim Jesus King.

These parliamentarians argued that the son of God should be made king theological and historical reasons, as was the Virgin Mary, who was declared honorary queen of Poland by King John II Casimiro Vasa, 350 years ago.

PICTURES OF THE CEREMONY (taken from the President’s Facebook account)

Source of information: ABC and Blog CATOLICIDAD. Translated from Spanish by Catholicity blog