Tuesday, November 15, 2016

“Devastated, Heartbroken, Outraged”: Planned Parenthood, the Merchants of Death, Mourn the Defeat of Hillary Clinton

The words of the President of the abortion giant, which has provided funding for the failed campaign of Hillary Clinton, show the disappointment of the multinational company, which is furious for having lost such enormous amounts of money and afraid because of the possible closing of its doors.

The reaction of Planned Parenthood, the abortion multinational in the United States which funded Hillary’s failed electoral campaign, was immediately unleashed. On the morning of last Wednesday, the President of the company sent an email in which she showed her displeasure due to the “inconceivable” election results.

“Devastated, Angry, Heartbroken, Outraged, Shocked, Sad, Disgusted, Ashamed, Discouraged, Exhausted, Shattered.” This is how the email of the president of Planned Parenthood started, which is the multinational that traffics body parts of aborted babies and make profits with public funds.

“And now, four more words – the most important ones: THESE DOORS STAY OPEN. I know that you and I can’t possibly have enough words to describe our feelings about what happened in this election and what lies ahead,” thus lamented the woman who has become one of the main disciples of the Democrat candidate.

“If you want to stay in bed or hide from the world, I can’t blame you. But I hope you won’t. Instead, I hope you’ll join me in focusing on those important four words: These Doors Stay Open. These doors will stay open because our voices get louder. We will continue to stand and fight for health care, reproductive services, and abortion,” promised Richards to her employees and clients.

“Together, we have made history, helping the first female presidential candidate to get very close to the White House. We were so close. And that day will come,” assured Cecile Richards, who funded Hillary Clinton’s campaign with millions of dollars.

“The fight begins now. The work begins today. Your support will help us one more time,” concluded the President of Planned Parenthood, whose words full of shock and dismay, show the disappointment of the multinational, furious for having lost such enormous amounts of money and afraid because of the possible closing of its doors.

Clinton, Advocate for Abortion

Let us remember that Hillary Clinton has become one of the main advocates of this business in the United States. Instead of condemning the fact of making a profit with tissues and organs of the unborn children, Clinton stated that “it is regrettable” that Planned Parenthood has been the subject of “an attack that was prepared for so many years.”

The Democrat has targeted repeatedly pro-life associations, which according to her, have been planning for years an attack against the abortion giant. It should be noted that Planned Parenthood performs more than 320,000 abortions in the U.S. every year, a practice that it is financed with about 554 million dollars coming from taxpayers.

Almúdena Martínez-Bordiú
Source: Infovaticana