Friday, January 13, 2017

A Modest and Honest Woman is a Treasure Who Knows What She is Worth

  • Our Lady of Fatima said to Jacinta, "More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh (ie, sins against the 6th and 9th commandments) than for any other reason. Certain fashions will be introduced that will seriously offend My Son. The people who serve God must not follow the fashions. The Church has no fashion, our Lord is always the same. "
  • The lustful sins as much as those who are the cause of his sins.

San Bernardino de Sena, said of women who wear immoral fashions, "They are held accountable for all the sins committed by others because of their vanities; for they steal from the Lord the souls who wish to be saved." Father Salmerón adds that "women sin no less with these fashionable inventions, than the husbands who consent to them, and the confessors who easily absolve them, not making them see the great danger of eternal damnation in which they are.”


Father Cansino says: "There are some fashions that seem to have been made more to sell the bodies than to cover them. I do not quite understand what is it that they reserve for the eyes of a chaste husband, when they have shown the demure parts of their bodies so discovered that they seem ready to give them to the one who gives more." That is why the famous missionary, Father Gavarri, said that "countless women will go to hell" for dressing immorally, "and also their confessors, their husbands and fathers who allow it." Or even encourage it, we would add now.

Dignity and honesty must be expressed internally and externally: in spirit, in attitude, in actions, in conversations, in clothing and in charity for the souls of others.

Quotes taken from “Catecismo Pastoral” by Pedro Salas y Trillas.

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